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Go Pro: 10 Pro User Benefits Revealed

London, UK
Head of Pro User accounts at LBB, Hannah Baines, dives into the nitty gritty behind all the reasons why you should sign up to our new membership for individuals, with a sneaky invite to our beach at Cannes

Hello creatives! We recently shared a story on why we're creating a home for the industry's talent – an overview of why we built our new Pro User membership for individuals, and what it's all about. 

Now, I want to delve deeper into what you can actually do as a Pro User, and why you should – highlighting every benefit from our membership plan, I explain exactly how each feature can help you make your profile stand out and achieve your self-promotional goals. We know just how hard you work, and we want to be able to help you show that off in the best way possible. 

As we see more creatives across the industry – and the globe – signing up for this new offering, it's a perfect time to remind you of all the reasons why you should become a Pro User, too. 

Here are the many ways I can help to boost you and your profile for just £99.99 per year…

1) More Uploads to Your Profile

As a Free User, you’re able to log in to LBB, search your name and claim your profile (we auto-generate & update these profiles any time a person is credited on work, so if you're not here yet, you may well be in the future). Normally after that, you’re a little limited in regards to curating your profile. But by joining as a Pro User, you gain access to a new level of your account where you can then upload any omitted work not already on LBB directly to your own profile – adding any relevant credits and ensuring that your creative portfolio isn’t missing a beat. 

2) Optimisation and Cleanup of Your Work 

There might be work you’ve been involved in that’s already been uploaded by another company on LBB, but you haven’t been credited on it. This is another way being a Pro User can help! As soon as you sign up, you will be invited to send a list of links to (or names of) any relevant work and news already living on LBB that could - and should - populate your profile. For these, I will search through our site, check them out and add your credits for you! These will then sit within the Credited section of your own profile.

3) Guestlist for Our Cannes Beach

A huge bonus to becoming a Pro User this year? An invitation to our Beach at Cannes LIONS. Five days of networking, education and a few tipples at La Croisette from Monday 17th – Friday 21st June. Need I say more!? 

We will be gathering important voices from across the industry and the world for a continuation of our theme of ‘Better Together’. Our concept of 'Better Together' is the backbone of each discussion - a chance to ask brands, makers and creatives to examine how we, as a collective, can help do better business.

You can read about the schedule for our Beach here.

4) Order How You Like and Highlight

Once your profile is full of all your great projects, you can focus on curating and reordering the work so you can proudly use it as a central platform, moving your favourites to the top and hiding anything you might want to from the public eye.  

5) You’ll Be Top of Our People

When looking at our People section on LBB, Pro Users automatically appear at the top of the search amongst All People, even without having to click into the Pro Users section. Additionally, when anyone comes to search for new people to work with, they can use our filters to find the specific type of creative they're after, and Pro Users will again rise to the top. For example, when searching for directors, you will see all Pro Users who are directors appear before the rest of any other credited directors we have on our site.

Don't forget, we have 500,000 unique visitors per month on LBB, so you have a perfect audience at your fingertips ready to find you.

6) The Pro Community

We have recently launched our Pro Community on LinkedIn, a space exclusively for Pro Users. In this group, we'll be posting some amazing opportunities that you can get involved in. From asking and answering questions to sharing your work with others, you'll get the chance to throw your creative portfolio out to more people by getting it shared on LBB, find out more about your invite to our Beach at Cannes, or even be awarded Pro of the Week – plus lots more!

7) Verification Badge

As soon as your Pro User membership has been approved, your profile will update with a verification badge, promoting you as a Pro User in the Credits and People sections of LBB. Yours would look something like this...

8) Build a Reel of Your Work

Even though the ability to make a Collection is also available to Free Users of LBB, becoming a Pro User expands its capabilities. A great example of how you could better use Collections as a Pro User comes from one of our early membership adopters, Jamie Lennox. When Jamie joined as a Pro, he seized the opportunity to upload a huge amount of his own work to his profile, then built a Collection of all the work he was a director on so that he could easily share this with potential new clients, on his socials and more.

While Jamie made his own Collection publicly visible to everyone who visits LBB, you can also build Collections and keep them private, which is a handy tool for when generating ideas or producing treatments or moodboards for upcoming projects. Everything on LBB is - and always will be - free to view by anyone in the world, so making sure all your projects are uploaded to your profile and then building Collections would give you the ability to promote yourself in different ways, to different people.

9) Global Insights and Data

All data on LBB content - both for your own projects as well as global data - can be found via ‘My LBB’ then ‘My Insights’ on the right hand side. LBB collects information on how many unique views every piece of content amasses, alongside lots of other information. All views accrued from across the platform are counted, and you can analyse the data all in one place.

10) We’ll Be Here to Help

Last but not least, Pro Users are my number one priority! You will therefore be able to contact myself (Hannah Baines, head of Pro User accounts) for anything you need relating to your membership. I'd be more than happy to help.

You can read more about how it works here, sign up for Pro directly, or contact me at for anything else!

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