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Sid Lee Opens Virtual Streetwear Shop

Advertising Agency
Montreal, Canada
Designers craft an advertising-themed collection

Today, the global creative agency Sid Lee is launching a virtual store celebrating its company’s culture. After years of producing merch for internal initiatives, the agency decided to open an online shop containing an archive of all its past creations and to inaugurate it with the drop of its very-first buyable collection named 'Ad wear'. The line was designed by their artisans from Montreal to LA and is an ode to the eye rolling and relatable lingo creatives love to use in the day-to-day. 

Produced entirely internally, Sid Store is a new e-commerce platform to share parts of collective passion projects and foster new creative collaborations with local artists and  partners. Ad wear is the first launch of many ahead.  

“Our artisans are very involved in the co-construction of our company’s culture. Through the years we’ve ended up with our very own craft beers, employee podcasts, wine groups, honey jars and believe it or not, even more. Our extracurricular activities just had to be immortalised somehow, and, as designers to the core, it tended to be through merch” said Marie-Christine Chamberland, director, culture and internal communications at Sid Lee. 

Ad wear is inspired by the specific language used in the industry and is meant to be a fun and sarcastic collection for everyone who relates to advertising culture. It includes a tote bag and four different shirts with common agency sayings in both English and French. 

  • Not gonna happen oversized tote bag 
  • SOS long-sleeve tee 
  • Jazz it up tee 
  • Big idea tee 
  • J’adore ton concept tee 

On top of the new Ad Wear drop, people can also discover most Sid Lee’s previous and current collections which highlights some of the agency’s historic moments. All artists (located in Montréal, Toronto, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and London) that would like to collaborate with us for the next drops are invited to send a DM to Sid Lee's Instagram page (@sidlee_official). To get your hand on this brand-new merch, visit here

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