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JSM Music Steps Up as Global Jury Partner at The Immortal Awards 2024

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London, UK
Global music production and sound design leader to support the prize-giving jury day at Little Black Book’s annual advertising award show
The Immortal Awards has announced that JSM Music is the global jury partner for the 2024 competition.

This is the third consecutive year that JSM Music has supported the competition. Following two years as the US jury partner, JSM Music has stepped up to support the final, prize-giving round of judging at Little Black Book’s global advertising award show. 

The global jury will feature jurors from across the competition’s six regions and will be deliberating over a shortlist of work made up of Finalists from each regional jury day. The jury will convene in New York in December to decide which projects, if any, will receive either an Immortal Award or a Commendation this year.

Joel Simon, founder of JSM Music, says, “This is my third year supporting the Immortals, and the first year from US to global jury partner. I have found that each year it gets better and more refined. The work is stellar, and the judging process is incredible and demands unique and compelling dialogue from all the judges in determining which work will be deemed Immortal and why.”

Paul Monan, awards director at The Immortal Awards, adds, “We’ve had the pleasure and honour of working with Joel and the JSM team for three years, thanks to a shared commitment and desire to identify and champion incredible ideas that are exceptionally executed. Joel knows the standards we set and just how difficult it is to win at the show, having both judged last year and also working on an Immortal winner back in 2019. We thank him and his team for their continued support of the show and can’t wait to be in New York in December to decide on our 2024 winners.”

On the different lens in which The Immortal Awards judges through, Joel says, “It is very refreshing to review the work as a whole, without being confined to specific categories and creative disciplines. The viewer only receives the work as a whole. How they react to the work proves how successful the efforts put forth were from all involved. They’re not going to pick it apart like we do in our industry. It is either effective, unique and creative, or it isn’t.”

He adds, “The fact that there are no entry fees is also clearly refreshing. The Immortals is solely about the work, not the finances of the submissions and creates an even playing field. Keeping the submissions to five for each entrant is awesome. Every company really needs to think about the best projects they have done rather than over-submitting and just hoping for the best. This is an awards show where less is definitely more.”

The Immortal Awards entry system is now open and entries into competition will be accepted until September 5th 2024. All entries must be made for a commissioning client, and must have first aired, broadcast, displayed, launched or published between September 1st 2023 and August 31st 2024.  

Every member of LBB is entitled to up to five entries. The full list of rules, including eligibility dates, can be found here.

If you’d like to enter the Immortal Awards but you’re not yet a member of LBB, sign up here today.

If you have any questions about The Immortal Awards or need any help with your entries, please contact awards directors Paul Monan ( and Emma Wilkie (