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High Five: Outstanding Ads That Make You Smile
Post Production
London, UK
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From a light-hearted piece around the cost of living crisis to an outstanding combination of world-famous art and technology, commercials director at UNIT Studios, Darryl Bolton, shares some of his favourite work

When I was asked to do High Five, I didn't know where to start. I think I was worrying about what people would think of my choices. In the end, I decided to go for ads that have stood out to me over the years, and made me smile...

Commission for Racial Equality - 'Brains'

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

Remember when the song first came out in the '90s? I’m afraid I do. It was a huge anthem for all the grunge youth back then. Although Cypress Hill wasn’t really my bag - I was more of a disco bunny. I don’t need to say much about this commercial. It’s a very simple, well-executed idea, and gets the point across brilliantly. Back then, it created quite a stir, but I think it’s still very relevant today. Look how far advertising has come in terms of diversity too in 2023! We still have a way to go, but it shows real progression both on and off screen. 

Apple - 'The Waiting Room'

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles
Production: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie

Those who know me know that I suffer from this on a night out. I’m forever posting my antics by mistake on social media...and the horror of the morning after! I don’t even think about how my information could be shared. This spot really made me sit up and take notice. You’ve got to have your wits about you these days, anyone could pretend to be me! Also, I really don’t want everyone to know what I’m looking at, if you know what I mean.

IKEA - 'Show Off Your Savvy'

Agency: Mother London

This is a fairly recent one, but I love it. It’s colourful and fun with a meaningful message. IKEA always produces the goods, and this one is no different. It’s been a tricky time for us all and I’m glad IKEA has tackled the cost of living crisis with a tongue-in-cheek central character. It’s fabulously executed and the casting is brilliant. Such a great piece of work. Well done to all the team!

Coca-Cola - 'Masterpiece'

Production: Academy Films x Heads Up Production
Director: Henry Scholfield
Post: Electric Theatre Collective x Electric Studios
Editorial: tenthree
Sound: Yessian Music

I’ve worked in post-production for some time now on some fabulous well-crafted VFX jobs, but I wish I’d worked on this project. It has the makings of everything in a dream job. It really is a masterpiece. An outstanding combination of world-famous art and technology, and there are so many hidden gems in there. The more you watch it, the more you notice! It must’ve taken the team ages to finesse. A real master stroke in my opinion. 

Club 18-30 - Holiday Print Campaign

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

I've remembered this campaign very well since it first came out. It really was of its time with the lads / ladette culture, and no-one got offended by much. I mean, you certainly couldn’t say ‘beaver’ on a print ad now - you’d never get away with it these days. Imagine the complaints to the ASA! It definitely got noticed at the time, but it was more of a cheeky wink of the eye than anything derogatory. Whatever happened to 18-30s? Does it still exist? Would I be allowed to go?