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Pucker Up: The Full Service Wants You to #GETSNOGGING for International Kissing Day

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London, UK
Rankin enlists some of the industry’s top directors to create literal lip service

It’s International Kissing Day today, and creative agency The Full Service are bringing everyone together for a good ol’ fashioned love in.

#GETSNOGGING is a collaborative project between The Full Service, Rankin, some of the industry’s top directors, Lizzy Graham, editor of the Oscar winning short ‘The Phone Call’, composer Eleni Hassabis and you.

2016 was a pretty tough year all round. And 2017 isn’t showing that many signs of holding up any better. Hard Brexit. Hung Parliament. The President of the United States of America. So, the agency decided to create a visceral and positively emotive response to today’s crippling news headlines.

They called on some of the industry’s most creative talents, who conjured up video clips of snogs, kisses, pecks, smooches and slobbers. The agency and Rankin then worked with Lizzy Graham at Marshall Street Editors to bring it all together and create one uplifting film...a ‘Love Revolution’.

The result is a universal, democratic, best of kisses, curated by The Full Service and shot by a host of globally acclaimed talent. But this is just the first stage. The Full Service are asking members of the public to submit their snogging clips to social media using the hashtag #GETSNOGGING.

The best of these will then be edited into a second film to be released on Valentine’s Day 2018. It’s a chance to share a little love around. 

Rankin commented: “The idea reminded me of a classic scene from the 1988 film Cinema Paradiso, probably my favourite film of all time. We wanted to do something compassionate and affectionate. Something that put smiles on people’s faces. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get involved. We almost had Donald Trump and Theresa May on-board, but they only held hands”.

Lizzy Graham, Marshall Street Editors, said: “As soon as I heard about the project I knew that I wanted to be involved. What appealed to me was how the project managed to pull together a huge roster of fantastic directors giving us so many variations on the simple ‘kiss’.”

On the project, Vicky Lawton, The Full Service, said: “This ensemble idea grew from Rankin’s archive of kisses. It was one of those truly collaborative things that happen at The Full Service; what starts as the gem of an idea in the office upstairs, is soon being shot in the studio downstairs. This extended beyond that, bringing in some of our favourite talent to work with us on it”.

Maruska Mason, Managing Director of the Full Service, said: “What’s great about #GETSNOGGING is that it started as a concept that we all just believed in and it instantly flourished from there. It’s exactly why we are different from other agencies - we are all about turning powerful ideas into reality and keeping the quality of the work at the centre point. We’re also all about collaboration and bringing together best creative talent...and the proof is in the pudding.”

#GETSNOGGING is an ongoing collaborative process and the lineup of the talent involved is subject to change. The film can be viewed online on International Kissing Day, 6th July 2017, featuring work from: Ed Morris (RATTLING STICK) MJ Delaney (MOXIE US) AJ Smith (1STAVEMACHINE) Elliott Wilcox, Kate Bones (TONIC REPSRESENTS) Jenn Nkiru (ICONOCLAST) Ozzie Pullin, Sing J Lee(PARTIZAN) Fenton Bailey, James Copeman, Kassandra Powell, Trevor Melvin, Walter Campbell (FREELANCE) Sam Walker (RIFF RAFF) Fern Berresford (FAT LEMON) Giles Lovell-Wilson, Vicky Lawton, Rankin (RANKIN FILM).

All the individual films and contributions can viewed on The Full Service website.

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