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Over $30M of Industry Support for Mood Tea since 2021
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Sydney, Australia
Social enterprise MOOD tea has partnered with Carat and Dentsu Creative to deliver its latest probono campaign, securing over $9M in media placement.

The campaign is the latest to be backed by industry in a major way, with MOOD having now secured $30M in industry in media placements since its inception in 2021. Over this time the brand has seen over 100 companies from the advertising industry dropping their competitive barriers to come together and support youth mental health through MOOD, with everything from creative, to branding, research, probono inventory, PR and sampling.

This latest campaign, led by Dentsu creative launches today, with an aim of infusing more moments with positive-tea.

The campaign is built on the insight that not all people will drink MOOD tea because it supports charity, some people will drink MOOD tea for their own reasons; because it helps their own mood, strengthens their own wellbeing, and makes them feel good.

The campaign is a reminder that MOOD tea isn’t a brew that just does great things, it’s a premium tea too. Dentsu creative chief creative officer, Avish Gordhan, says the creative is designed to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idea that you don’t have to be a good person to buy the for-good tea.

“This campaign is brought to life by a very unexpected spokesperson for MOOD tea – he’s a real jerk. A proper meanie. In each execution, we see this guy being incredibly unlikeable. And the message is clear - he doesn’t choose the tea because it does good in the world. He chooses it because it tastes good,” said Avish.

This widespread campaign secured $9.3 million in placement value across TV, radio, print, cinema, OOH, digital media channels with the support of 37 generous media owners.

The campaign is supported by: ARN Radio, NOVA, ATN, Are Media, Broadsheet, Mamamia, News Corp, Pedestrian TV, Tonic Media Network, Yahoo, Scout Publishing, Val Morgan, The Guardian, Nine, Seven, Paramount, Foxtel, JCDecaux, oOh!media, QMS, Motio, GOA, Brandspace, Torch Media, Lumos, Cartology, Shopper, and Jolt.

General manager of MOOD tea Rachel Troy says it’s an exciting step forward for the brand. “In the current climate we wanted to focus on how we could add value to our consumers everyday life, bring them an unexpected smile and inject some humour into their day with some of our MOOD brand truths. We know people will gravitate towards a quality product, and the fact its linked to a purpose allows them to do something good for themselves, that also happens to do good,” said Rachel.

“We extend a huge thanks to all the agency, production and media partners who have come together to support us this year. Your support has allowed us to fund four programs to date, reaching more than 800 young people who now the education needed to proactively identify signs and symptoms of mental ill- health in themselves, and others.”

MOOD tea recently added Jolly Good English breakfast tea to its product catalogue, with a total of five teas now available for purchase directly from the MOOD tea website, and Woolworths stores nationally.

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