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Meet the Sponsors of the LBB Beach 2024: The Digital Voice™

Marketing & PR
West Malling, UK
As the LBB Beach returns, learn more about the team at The Digital Voice™

Q> What is your company name?

The Digital Voice™

Q> What is your company website?

The Digital Voice™> 

Q> What is it your company does? 

The Digital Voice™> The Digital Voice™. Your voice, amplified. 

We are The Digital Voice™, an award-winning B2B AdTech PR agency. We're the A to Z idea-makers for authentic PR & marketing. We are authentic storytellers, here to shape and share extraordinary achievements of global AdTech & MarTech companies. 

Q> Give us your elevator pitch:

The Digital Voice™> The Digital Voice™ loves to shout our client partners’ brand, their vision, and their products from the rooftops. We are unashamedly energetic and fearless. We're an extension of their team across PR, marketing, social, events, podcasts, content, creative and so much more. We work with disruptors and challengers who are keen to crush the ordinary in the sphere of digital advertising - including Nectar360, Picnic, GumGum,, Brand Metrics, esbconnect, Utiq, Limelight Digital, Preciso, VeraViews, Jellyfish, Onetag, Responsible Marketing Agency, SeenThis, and Multilocal. 

Q> Who will be on the LBB Beach representing your company?

The Digital Voice™>

  • Kasey Long - PR and client services director 
  • Camealia Xavier-Chihota - marketing and social media director 
  • Julia Linehan - CEO & founder
  • Rosie Hutchinson - events and content producer
  • Cameron Townsley - creative and events director 
  • Akinyi Odhiambo - events and media coordinator 
  • Amber O’Neill - content manager 
  • Hazel Broadley - content writer

Q> Who are you hoping to meet on LBB Beach? Individuals and/or company roles, companies, or anyone else?

The Digital Voice™> We’re all about our client partners, and supporting them as they meet their customers in Cannes! We’re looking forward to the content being delivered on stage and hearing on point trends, news and views in the adtech and martech world.  

Q> Are you hosting any events on LBB Beach, or elsewhere in Cannes during the week?

The Digital Voice™> We have a large number of our clients attending Cannes this year, hosting their own content and events across the week. Some include: 

  • Veraviews’ Annual Ad-Tech Kick-off Lunch
  • Multilocal Cannes dinner at Bâoli 
  • Our client partners GumGum, Nectar360, Utiq, Jellyfish, Brand Metrics, Multilocal and GumGum will be in Cannes hosting a variety of events, so be sure to check them out via our Cannes 2024 events calendar, linked on our site. 

Q> What are you most looking forward to about Cannes in 2024?

The Digital Voice™> Seeing our client partners make ripples across the conversations happening in Adtech and Martech, and connecting with brilliant industry leaders on the breezy Croisette!

Q> What do you think will be the hottest topics this year on the Croisette?

The Digital Voice™> The new era of media carbon emissions measurement! With the new breakthroughs in technology that are paving the way forward in the mission to standardise how we measure our industry’s impact on the planet, we think this will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Responsible marketing - whether that be sustainability, diversity, data compliance, consent or inclusion - should be driving the narrative in conversations this year.

Q> What are your top tips for newbies going to Cannes, the Lions, and the LBB Beach for the first time?

The Digital Voice™> We’ve got this down! Our 2023 Cannes advice blog, “Pick Your Player”, explores every type of Cannes attendee, and once you’ve found your match, you’ll find all the tips you need to navigate the biggest event of the year. 

Q> Do you have any restaurant or bar recommendations in Cannes you’d like to share? 

The Digital Voice™> Caffe Roma, Foquets, Riviera Beach and Bâoli! 

Q> What is your favourite non-work activity in Cannes? (could be cultural, sporting, shopping, seaside or anything you like)

The Digital Voice™> As a remote working business, Cannes is the perfect time to catch up on some face to face bonding with our clients. Whether this is a morning coffee, a drink on the beach, or watching them deliver some amazing content on stage, we’re ready for it all.

Q> Lastly, what is your packing essential for the week at Cannes Lions?

The Digital Voice™> It’s got to be a portable charger - our team is always on the go recording content, whether it’s video, photos or writing, and needless to say, we need the extra juice!