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High Five: Carefully Crafting a Different Perspective

Advertising Agency
Los Angeles, United States
Art director at Special US, Chidalu Motanya, takes a look at five campaigns that successfully told their stories in a variety of ways

In the past six months, more films and art have been released than I can keep track of, but these five (in no particular order) have stuck with me the most. More specifically, I'm drawn to mediums that pull you in emotionally - whether it’s a bold and powerful photography portrait or simply just a feel-good spot. I think advertising is at its best when you’re able to tell the perfect story; that could be solely with visuals, or an outstanding script paired with a great voiceover, or maybe it’s both at the same time. However you get there, it’s such a great feeling knowing you put something out in the world that made an impact or created a different perspective in someone else’s life...

Belvedere Vodka - 'Belvedere Vodka Presents Daniel Craig'

Production: Hungry Man
Director: Taika Waititi
Post: BANDITS x Company 3
Editorial: Cabin Edit
Sound: KOUZ

The happiness this spot brings is unmatched. When it first came out, I wasn’t having the best day, and that all changed as soon as I hit play. This spot is almost as good as Daniel Craig in 'Knives Out'. When you mix him together with Taika Waititi, the only possible outcome is greatness. It’s so simple, yet so endearing.

Independent Journalism for an Independent Life x The New York Times - 'Quest Love'

Agency: Droga5 New York
Production: division7
Director: Joshua Kissi
Post: The Mill
Editorial: Cut+Run NYC

Directed by Joshua Kissi, 'Quest Love' dives deep into his curiosities. We in return get a visually pleasing spot accompanied by a thought-provoking script coming across the screen. This is a perfect example of both visuals and copy working so well together, without getting too complex. The art direction is astounding, while the copy and editing go hand in hand to lay the pace of the spot. It allows us to get to know another side of 'Quest Love' outside of 'The Roots' and Jimmy Fallon.

Nike - 'Serena Legacy'

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Serena Williams is the GOAT. To tell the story of one of the greatest athletes of all time in 60 seconds is no small feat. However, Nike seems to nail it every time. Paired with a voiceover by Zendaya, this spot is filled with black excellence. You can’t help but feel inspired to just keep going on whatever endeavour you’re currently facing, but most importantly, it’s all on your own terms.

Always in Awe - 'Natalist'

Agency: Preacher
Production: Undivided
Director: Brianna Roye
Post: Final Cut

Women are so incredibly powerful. This spot hits the nail on the head when it comes to motherhood. The heartfelt emotions are brought to life by the poetic script written and voiced by Jae Nichelle. It emphasises the many moments of ups and downs women’s bodies go through, ending with a gentle reminder that we are incredible beings, and you are not alone.

Devin Wesley - Artwork

There’s so much beauty in Blackness. Devin Wesley has a way of capturing that beauty through canvas. Exclusively working in black and white, he’s able to communicate human expressions in various states. From black joy, to healing, to love, his perspective challenges people to see the world from a different point of view. Some of my favourite pieces from his recent collection include 'Seeing Red' and 'Grand Rising'.

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