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Cannes Contenders: Cheil’s Game-Changing Creative


Global CCO Malcolm Poynton shares the life-changing inclusive design, gaming innovations and ingenious solutions that are in the running at Cannes Lions 2023

Cannes Contenders: Cheil’s Game-Changing Creative
The past year has been an exciting one for Cheil as they’ve applied their unique blend of creativity, tech and innovation to some meaty problems. Whether they’re helping ASD sufferers navigate hyper-stimulating environments, creating vital lifelines for victims of domestic violence or hacking the humble WhatsApp group to tell empathetic stories, they’ve been doing their bit to prove that creativity really can change the world. Global chief creative officer Malcolm Poynton shares the network’s highlights ahead of this year’s Cannes Lions.

UNFEAR – Samsung x Cheil Spain

Put simply, UNFEAR opens up the world for 70 million ASD sufferers globally. Not-so-simple is what’s behind UNFEAR - advanced AI scans and identifies trigger-noises in real-time via Galaxy Buds and mobile devices, working autonomously to suppress noises that cause anxiety attacks, liberating ASD sufferers from isolation. Nine months of R&D with Spain’s ten leading ASD orgs, over 100 ASD sufferers, their families, doctors and specialists resulted in one crazy test: sending ASD sufferers out into Spain’s loudest street festival, Las Fallas. Everyone was sweating – until our ASD sufferers returned grinning ear-to-ear. UNFEAR nailed it and is now live for all ASD sufferers. 

Knock Knock – KNPA x Cheil Seoul

Despite a triple digit rise in domestic violence only 2% of cases are reported in South Korea. Evidence points to the inability of victims to speak or raise an alarm in the presence of their assailant. Knock Knock enables victims to silently alert police with a simple morse code-like double-tap of any number on their mobile. The police immediately send a link for the caller to click, enabling the police to track the caller's location and identify the scene in real-time through their phone camera. A secret chat feature allows continued messaging via a page that looks like a Google Search. Within weeks of launch, Knock Knock had resulted in over 5,000 calls for help.

Quest For Dyslexia – Samsung x Cheil PengTai Beijing + Hong Kong

Dyslexia affects 15 million children in China. Tapping into China’s booming trend for gaming amongst kids, we hacked Young Warrior, China’s biggest adventure game of the year (think World or Warcraft). By using over 100 commonly confused hanzi words for quests within the game-play, Quest for Dyslexia then uses machine-learning to recognise any patterns of confusion, helping to detect dyslexia. And since parents in China have to register for their kids to sign-in to games, Quest for Dyslexia directly notifies parents of the possibility their child has dyslexia, pointing them to further testing and support. This continues Samsung’s focus on creative interventions within gaming to solve real-world issues.  

The Cost of Bullying - Samsung x Cheil PengTai Beijing + Hong Kong

Mobile gaming is growing at record speed. So is online bullying. Samsung has a real interest in ensuring gaming is a safe place for gamers. And since over 79% of gamers have been exposed to bullying, The Cost of Bullying takes a bold step to directly impact the behaviour of bullies, by making them pay the price, literally. By connecting an abusive-language-detection-system to the chat feature of Magic Quest (one of China’s biggest games) we then linked it back to the game’s pricing dat base. So, with every sign of bullying and abuse in the game’s chat, the price of in-game purchases would rise for the bully. Meaning the more a gamer bullies, the more they pay. Within two weeks, bullying had dropped by 40%. 

The Chat - Breast Cancer Now x BMB

In the UK, one woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer every 10 minutes. Despite this alarming fact, people struggle to talk about it. THE CHAT is a first-of-its-kind WhatsApp drama series. 

Running over 6 weeks and starring a relatable cast – BAFTA-award-winning Rakie Ayola, Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Kate Ashfield (Shaun of the Dead) and Claudie Blakley (Pride and Prejudice), this ground-breaking approach used WhatsApp to reach its audience in the most personal and relatable way possible. Featuring voice notes, videos, photos and text messages sent between four best friends navigating an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis. An audience of influencers, celebrities and real people joined the WhatsApp group to follow the series – sharing its content with millions of followers and friends, generating incredible PR that reached over 24.5m Brits so far. 

#22EpicNights – Samsung x Cheil Centrade

What better way to launch Galaxy’s S22 Nightography camera capabilities to Gen Z than through sound. 

A launch campaign unlike any other, #22EpicNights features music to promote its famed Nightography camera via a partnership with 22 of Romania’s emerging Gen Z recording artists. Each of the 22 artists wrote and recorded an original track exploring the struggles that keep Gen Z awake at night. The tracks were recorded on S22 and the music videos were all filmed at night with S22’s Nightography feature. Released across YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram the album became the most discussed Romanian music project of the year with 6.7m views in a country whose population is only 4m. It’s no surprise S22 became the most successful Galaxy launch ever in Romania as the market share of Galaxy S Series grew by 50%.

Thin Crust Summer - Little Caesars x McKinney

Little Caesars have been selling Pizza since 1959. And yet our team at McKinney still finds surprising ways to sell ‘em. This time it’s the Thin Crust Pizza that magically skips off the lake during summer holidays. Funny stuff. And seriously, who could forget that? Pizza! Pizza!

Prepare for Misuse – Ad Council/Brady x McKinney

Since it is beyond the government to effectively govern guns in the US, it takes creative leaps to ensure gun owners give due attention to the importance of safely storing guns and ammunition. More than one-third of U.S. adults live in a firearm-owning household, and nearly 4.6 million children live in homes with unlocked and loaded guns, it’s not surprising that firearm-related injuries in or near the home are a leading cause of death. Prepare for Misuse is a bold wake-up call for gun owners to jolt them into safely storing their guns and ammunition to prevent all types of family fire, including unintentional shootings, gun suicide and intentional shootings.

The Activist Reserve - x Cheil Chile

There’s a shocking reality in Chile - activists protecting the environment are increasingly being murdered with the crime being disguised and labelled as ‘suicide’. To protect the people protecting our future,, the nation’s leading psychology platform decided to demonstrate their services to all Chileans by stepping-in and conducting a program of psychological assessments that prove the stable mental health of activists, demonstrating no intention to take their own lives. Utilising the suicidal ideation scale and’s expert psychologists, The Activist Reserve campaign assessed 500 key activists, setting a clinical and legal precedent about their mental health. The activists’ results were shared publicly via social channels, directly targeting the key ministers including Chile’s Minister of the Environment. As reported by CNN, the result has been one of the rare cases where a marketing campaign has directly impacted legislation with Chile’s government introducing a revision to Law 19.300 aka ‘The Law of Nature’ to now include the protection of environmental activists. 

Reality Show to fix reality – Samsung x Cheil India

Samsung’s deep commitment to India has been demonstrated multiple times in award-winning campaigns such as Rural Service Van and Educate the Girl. ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ takes things even further by inviting 16-22 year olds to spam that brand with game-changing tech ideas to solve global issues related to Education & Learning, Environment & Sustainability, Health & Wellness and Diversity and Inclusion. The heat gets turned up as the competition takes the shape of a reality TV show setting out to fix reality. Three winning ideas get funded into an incubator stage with advanced training by FITT, IIT-Delhi and mentorship from Samsung and Government experts. Little wonder it’s fast become one of India’s ‘must-view’ shows. 

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