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What’s in the Attic?
Music & Sound
London, UK
LBB’s Tará McKerr speaks to the team at Attic - the boutique creative audio facility within Jungle Studios - who are offering quality services, at prices that won't pinch your purse strings

There’s a new sound resonating in Soho. It’s nestled inside Jungle Studios where talents have their heads down, ensuring the delivery of excellent audio service. It’s all emanating from Attic - the latest boutique facility in the area. While Jungle has long been a name synonymous with high-end, commercial sound production, Attic represents a fresh, accessible approach to audio design, targeting non-advertising creative producers too. Its existence is a testament to the evolving needs of the creative industry, where flexibility, talent, and innovation are key. 

The genesis of Attic was born out of a desire to offer an affordable, yet high-quality audio service. They realise that not all projects require a large studio attendance - so they’ve created a place that focuses on prioritising talent and creativity rather than the size of the space. It’s entirely fit for purpose and filled with engineers who have all climbed through the Jungle ranks. 

Now TV - Action Collection

The range of services offered are as diverse as they are impressive. From promos and idents to motion graphics, broadcast work and music composition, the studio is a nucleus of creative audio design. A recent highlight was their work on a Sky Cinema ‘Mission Impossible’ promo, which involved a live broadcast-style interruption featuring Tom Cruise. This project, alongside their top-secret work on a Bollywood film, underscores Attic’s versatility and ability to handle a wide spectrum of audio tasks with poise and finesse. 

In today’s digital age, Attic is thriving on remote collaboration in a way that is uncompromising on quality. Their state-of-the-art remote session pipeline allows clients to monitor and provide instant feedback on audio and visual elements, ensuring that the end product aligns perfectly with their vision. With that said, the team of course still value their in-person interactions, recognising the unique benefits they will bring to the creative process. 

Waitrose x ITV's The Voice Sponsorship

When tackling new projects, Attic’s approach is methodical yet incredibly flexible. They engage in detailed discussions with clients, gathering as much information as possible to tailor their services to each project’s unique requirements. This early involvement not only facilitates creative input but also aids in planning for complex requirements like Foley or ADR cues. 

Attic’s philosophy on project timelines is straightforward - quality and speed. While ADR recordings are often completed and sent on the same day, short films and other intricate projects are treated differently, whilst meeting strict and often swift deadlines. This approach reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures every project meets and exceeds their high standards. 

Sky - Sky Mix Launch

Looking to the future, Attic is open to exploring new realms of audio work, from gaming sound design to longform projects too. They are keen to fill the gaps they see in the industry, such as VFX motion design work that often lacks sound effects. Their ambition is to maintain high creative quality and contribute significantly to the audio design industry.

Their ability to deliver exceptional results under pressure is best illustrated by precedent. Recently, when a nearby studio encountered technical issues, Attic stepped in, providing an affordable solution that not only saved the day but garnered high praise from the client. Such stories are not isolated and exhibit their unwavering professionalism and skill.

There may not be a “top 5 secrets” to their success - but that’s because there aren’t any secrets. Attic’s formula is clear: thorough planning, open communication, and the ability to adapt to any request. Backed by jungle Studios, they have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, allowing them to tackle the most challenging briefs with confidence. 

Comedy Central - Late Night Animation Station Promo

Attic is far more than just a sound studio; it's a hub of creativity and innovation, in the heart of London’s creative home. With a focus on talent coupled with flexibility, they are redefining what it means to be a boutique audio facility. As they continue to push the boundaries of sound design, their commitment to quality and client satisfaction remains at the forefront, ensuring they will remain a key player in the industry for years to come. 

They might just be your next secret weapon. 
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