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This Musical Trip through History Tells the Incomplete Story of the Clitoris and Pleasure

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
BBDO Argentina, Tulipán condoms and UNFPA highlights the lack of research into female pleasure

Does anyone know when humanity completed its knowledge of the functioning and anatomy of the clitoris? The answer might be surprising: 1998. Imagine how many things were a priority for mankind throughout history before anyone focused on the study of the only organ destined for pleasure: clitoris.

It might sound crazy, but it’s a fact. And this curious truth was the starting point of the last creative campaign 'The incomplete story of pleasure', from BBDO Argentina for the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) & the condom brand Tulipán.

Worldwide, there's very little knowledge about female pleasure, both among men and women as well. Although there are many ways for a woman to experience pleasure and sexuality, none of them have been explored too much by a culture built on patriarchal foundations that has always subordinated female pleasure to male pleasure.

The spot was produced as an animated and musical journey with a song that highlights the irony of a reality: how little is known about female pleasure and how many priorities in human history preceded the exploration of the anatomy of the only human organ that serves pleasure.

“We know that the pleasure of women has been relegated to the background compared with the pleasure of man. For this reason, we continue working to ensure that more people can access safe pleasure. It's not only a slogan for us, It's our objective and we should work every day on this. We know that we know there is a lot of work to be done but making this problem visible is the first step on this path” mentioned by Felipe Kopelowicz from Tulipán. 

Mariana Isasi, head of UNFPA Argentina's office, points out, "1998 is the date when a woman, urologist Helen O'Connell, showed us the clitoris in detail. It's still very recent: we're still exploring and discovering this organ whose only function is to give us pleasure. We invite you to talk about our enjoyment and pleasure. It's time to explore it, to know it, and to celebrate it. It's time to change history.

“If mankind thought about how to put a rocket on the moon before it understood how a woman could feel pleasure, then it was clear why there was a lack of knowledge," explain Joaquín Campins and Christian Rosli, CCOs of BBDO Argentina.

The video closes with a call to action: "Let's talk about the right to pleasure. It's time to change the story”. The campaign will be available on digital channels.

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