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The Devil is in the Detail: Smart, Seductive Visuals in One Handsome Package

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London, United Kingdom
Creative video production company, Devilishly Handsome Productions, on creating irresistible visuals that don’t break the bank
In the age of tightening budgets and smaller marketing departments, sacrificing quality is inevitable, right? 

Devilishly Handsome Productions disagrees.

There’s no reason brands can’t have top-notch 360 campaigns without eye-watering costs. For eight years now, DHP has been delivering irresistibly-handsome content for some of the biggest names. Its smart creative strategies, agile approach, and obsession with creating high quality visuals have caught the attention of Nike, Adidas, Unilever, Sky, and MTV to name a few. 

A Handsome Family…

Steadily growing with the aim of innovating the corporate video market, Devilishly Handsome does so by blending beautifully conceived visuals with award winning VFX. 

At the company’s heart are its charismatic team, Founder, Ben Collins and Head of Production, Harry Coulthard. A smart and safe pair of hands, the duo are experts at conceiving and executing projects with creative flair. What marks them apart from the crowd is their winning presence, magnetic energy, and skill as communicators and storytellers. Driven by the hunger for great-looking creative, their inclusive outlook and focus on listening means that their clients are always partners in the creative journey, realising their vision side-by-side. 

Ben Collins (left) and Harry Coulthard (right)

Crafty Devils…

According to the team, the ability to target incredibly specific audiences online has enhanced the value of video content as a marketer’s tool.

“The landscape has changed dramatically, even since we opened in 2008. Now that we are able to reach the minutiae of different demographics, all content must be born from a clear understanding of the target audience and output goals,” comments Harry. “This is proof that using video as a starting point in the campaign process - and involving its architects in early discussions - is the perfect route to campaign success and value for money.

Audiences are used to premium cinematic content, so it goes without saying that all video content in the public sphere has to be of high quality. What keeps our clients coming back is the confidence that we can conceive, execute and deliver premium video content to a set budget.”

Working closely with Nike, Devilishly Handsome brought the sportswear giant’s products to life, creating enthrallingly detailed animations tailored to enhance each shoe’s unique design. For the Inneva, it manipulated the movements of the mesh to resemble ivy wrapping around a tree, emphasising the shoe’s design, which mimics the biomechanics of the human foot. 

The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands…

While its next-level animation and special effects are certainly a killer draw, the real weapon in Devilishly Handsome’s arsenal is creative strategy. 

“Our strength lies in fitting seamlessly into clients’ existing teams,” comments Ben. “We’re the devil on your shoulder – an all-important asset to your team in an age where content is required to work just that bit harder. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing department. Our flexibility makes us well-positioned to advise on how to make the most of budgets by leveraging the content we create for them across platforms. While we’ve worked with some incredible agencies, some of our most exciting jobs have been direct-to-client, where we’ve been able to craft and implement a full-scale content strategy.”

Sonia Furley, Head of Marketing and Communications, Lewisham Southwark College comments: “We first began working with DHP in 2015. Their creativity shone through right from the beginning, bringing a different perspective to often standard promotional items that we needed to complete. I, personally, have a large dislike for ‘talking heads’. The team took this on board and only returned with modern and innovative approaches.” 

She continues: “The results have been far beyond what we hoped. The commercial ‘tint’ and high quality resonates with our very picky teenage target audiences. We’ve been impressed with quantity of views, engagement of viewers and conversion rates.”

A Handsome Price?

Working intimately with brands and organisations, they’re the smart partners unlocking a comprehensive and effective 360 campaign at a highly competitive price. 

Tasked with creating a promo film for an exclusive charity event backed by members of The Who, Devilishly Handsome came up with an innovative, cost-effective solution that made the most of the modest budget. Using a custom made mini-speaker, Devilishly Handsome took the band’s classic mod emblem and captured the vibrations to create a mesmerising art piece, which was shot in its studio at approximately 250 frames per second.

“We take on projects as a whole company, meaning that our clients reap the full benefit of our clout and resources. Some of our favourite projects have been the smaller ones, where our highly-skilled in-house team has had a chance to cut loose and create something truly special.”

Better The Devil You Know…

Key to Devilishly Handsome’s offering is its ability to take a complex proposition and simplify it to satisfy the consumer, the layman and the expert.

A fresh approach to telling its client’s story, the team simplified a complex corporate message using a simple 2D animation that’s both engaging and communicative of the clear message.

“By working closely with brands, we like to develop a succinct, informative yet impactful style for any type of communication,” adds Harry. 

Devilishly Handsome

Priding themselves on delivering handsome films without the handsome fee, Devilishly Handsome has a daring approach and nimble edge. Beauty and brains in one irresistible package has never looked so good.

To find out more about Devilishly Handsome, visit here.
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