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R/GA’s Alex Sehnaoui on the Importance of Curiosity and Courage
Advertising Agency
New York, USA
The agency’s global chief growth officer speaks to LBB about the biggest challenges facing brands today - and the must-have skills for professionals to help their clients through them

As global chief growth officer, Alex Sehnaoui identifies, explores, and secures opportunities for offices across the R/GA global network. In this role, he connects R/GA’s innovation, design, consultancy, marketing, communications, and technology offerings to help brands create breakthrough products, services, and experiences.  

Alex combines his proficiency in creative strategy, ambition for results driven solutions, and over 20 years of global leadership across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia to cultivate and develop existing and new client partnerships and shape R/GA’s growth strategy. Alex’s multi-market experience enables him to spearhead global collaboration initiatives and spur organic growth.

Prior to R/GA, Alex held management and new business roles in adtech, media and advertising groups including iHeartMedia, The BrandTech Group, and Havas Worldwide Shanghai and New York.

We caught up with him.

LBB> What do you consider the must-have skills for a modern marketing professional to be?

Alex> Curiosity and courage. Curiosity to stay informed about the edge of innovation, and the courage to take the leap beyond it.

LBB> What is a piece of advice or learning that has been relevant for your career?

Alex> I’ve been fortunate enough to have been close to many great mentors over the years. My advice would be to recognise those whom you can learn from – and ask them important questions.


LBB> What are the main challenges for brands today; and how is R/GA partnering with them to face them?

Alex> Decoding how to build a meaningful relationship with each of their consumers is a challenge most brands face. This goes beyond providing an excellent service, or a quality product. It’s about the brand experience consumers have with every touch point they engage with. It’s about design and UX. It’s about customer support and personalisation. R/GA helps brands shape that ecosystem – treating their brand as an ‘operating system’ – and designing/optimising each of those experiences.

LBB> You’ve been at R/GA for almost five years now. Being part of an innovation agency, how do you manage to stay on top of new technologies and business trends in such a changing-environment?

Alex> Surround yourself with the right people, and find the right environment – as I have at R/GA – and you’ll continue to learn about technology and innovation in just about every meeting.  

LBB> What are the main growth opportunities for brands vs agencies today?

Alex> Solidifying relationships with clients should be a common priority to achieving growth.

LBB> Name a proud moment from your time at R/GA.

Alex> Fortunately for me proud moments come often at R/GA.

Winning a Gold Effie for P&G’s ‘The Name’, being named ‘Digital Innovation Agency of the Year’, and winning pitches make me very proud.  

LBB> Describe R/GA in one word.

Alex> Courageous.