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Nissan Canada's Thrillology Sequel Is an Action Packed Thrill Ride
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Toronto, Canada
Second instalment of Juniper Park\TBWA's Institute of Thrillology sees Nissan vehicles hit the streets to test their capabilities in the real world

Nissan Canada’s Institute of Thrillology campaign, originally launched last summer, has been given a creative refresh and relaunched as Nissan Thrillology – Operation Thrill. As Nissan has one of the newest lineups of vehicles in Canada, this work encourages Canadians to take a new look at the brand and their offering. The campaign was created in collaboration with global Toronto-based creative brand experience company, Juniper Park\TBWA.

Gearing up for a summer of excitement, Nissan Thrillology – Operation Thrill tells the story of an ordinary day, made extraordinary by a feature-filled, fun to drive Nissan. We follow a father and daughter taking on parallel parking for the first time with confidence at every turn in the Nissan Rogue. The Intelligent Around View Monitor guarantees smooth sailing while ensuring every drive passes the ‘thrill test’ with flying colours.

Operation Thrill continues to focus on the work of our elite team of Thrillologists, who rigorously test our vehicle technology to ensure every drive is as exciting as possible. In this iteration, thrill is brought to life by championing real human outcomes that are made possible when driving a Nissan vehicle. Audiences will notice a natural evolution from the first campaign as we take what was done in the lab at the Nissan Institute of Thrillology to the road – all with the same level of focus on tech, safety and the driving experience. This work cruises past category conventions to highlight the human nature attached to Nissan vehicles and the driving experience, rather than traditional brand focused spec and feature talk.

With that, it’s clear the team approached production with a focus on creating a stark difference from the way other brands represent a ‘thrilling’ driving experience: “Operation Thrill is a high-octane, energetic build on our previous Thrill campaign, and a wonderful departure from the traditional car ad space. By hyperbolising the everyday adventures and moments you can have thanks to Nissan technology, we’ve created a memorable world for the viewer to engage with. It’s entertainment and enjoyment that delivers a strong brand message.” says Neil Walker-Wells, executive creative director, Juniper Park\TBWA.

“We are very excited to see the Thrillology concept evolve into this new space which displays the Nissan brand, our products, and our technology in a new and exciting way.  We hope this content will not only resonate with fans of Nissan, but hopefully get new people to consider our brand.” says Ken Hearn, director of marketing, Nissan Canada.

Nissan Thrillology – Operation Thrill work looks past the traditional ways vehicle features are shown to instead celebrate the emotions that they truly evoke. It therefore builds on the Nissan promise of designing vehicles and innovative technologies that deliver thrills at every turn.

The campaign launched on July 1st across Canada on TV, cinema, digital, social, CRM and in dealerships.

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