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Opinion and Insight
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Meet the Future of Indian Advertising

LBB Editorial, 2 months, 1 week ago

India’s current crop of creative superstars introduce us to the next generation

Meet the Future of Indian Advertising

When it comes to unearthing new talent, who better to approach than the established advertising legends that lead the way? 

Within the advertising world, Sonal Dabral, Josy Paul, Ram Madhvani and Rajdeepak Das need no introduction, so when it comes to unearthing India’s new talent, who better to approach than the established advertising legends that lead the way? 

LBB’s Paul Monan taps into their experience and expertise as India’s most established creatives to get the inside scoop on the exciting up-and-coming creatives we should be keeping an eye out for in the not too distant future. 

Name: Anisha Ralhan
Company: DDB Mudra Group 
Current Role: Sr. Copywriter
Introduced By: Sonal Dabral, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

Anisha Ralhan (L) and Sonal Dobral (R)

“The future of advertising will rest on the curious and the brave. Anisha has persistent curiosity to learn and to do new things and she is brave beyond her years. She doesn’t let the fear of failure stop her from trying.

“Anisha is a rare and extremely valuable mix of craft and ideas. Her curious and brave nature helps her produce fresh and non-traditional work.

Ode to the Bug for VW, by Anisha Ralhan

“It’s never easy writing anything for the Beetle. It has a lot to measure up to. To have co-written this at such a young age speaks volumes about her ability and craft. 

“It stood tall and proud amongst all the work created by India in 2015 and went on to win one of the only two film Golds awarded at the Goafest, along with another Gold for writing. Even at the prestigious Kyoorious awards it picked up a blue elephant for its craft.

“Quite recently Anisha has started penning down her thoughts on culture and society for the popular publication The Hindu.”

Name: Yash Modi
Company: BBDO India
Current Role: Copywriter
Introduced By: Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

Yash Modi (L) and Josy Paul (R)

"Yash Modi is an instant advertising man. He gets it! He’s able to convert any client or agency stimulus into useful response and creative work in seconds. For a chap who is just 24 years old, he seems to bring decades of experience. He connects the past with the future and lives many generations intuitively! His ideas have contemporary speak with classical roots and he understands where advertising is going, not just where it’s coming from.

Flying Kiss for Crompton, by Yash Modi

"Yash has been with us for just a year and prior to joining he was studying Mass Communication at college. I was one of the guest speakers at his college and his assignments revealed his special talent, so we offered him a role at BBDO India. In under ten months, he’s worked on more than ten big projects. His first TVC with us really underlines his approach. It’s for Crompton – a name that’s famous in India for lights and fans – and he gives fans a contemporary spin.

Proposal for Crompton, by Yash Modi

"Yash comes from the state of Gujarat in India - the same place as Prime Minister Narendra Modi."

Name: Deb Medhekar
Company: Equinox Films
Current Role: Director
Introduced By: Ram Madhvani, Director & Co-Owner

Deb Medhekar (L) and Ram Madhvani (R)

“Deb Medhekar comes from the Film Institute in Pune. I'm envious of his multi-talentedness. He's a film maker for sure, but he can also sing, play the guitar (he once had his own band), paint and even cook."

Kitna Deti Hai for Maruti, directed by Deb Medhekar

“He’s just finished shooting Bioscipewallah, his first feature based on Tagore's Kabuliwallah, and he’s telling everyone in advertising that he's only doing ads so that they don't think he's only into features!

“Deb has a tattoo that says ‘God is my gaffer and the sky is my skimmer’, and he’s lucky with languages - another talent! He speaks five different Indian languages fluently enough to save his skin and he’s also fast when it comes to picking up new languages."

Amelia for Maruti, directed by Deb Medhekar

Name: Nitin Parmar
Company: Equinox Films
Current Role: Director
Introduced By: Ram Madhvani, Director & Co-Owner

Nitin Parmar

“Nitin Parmar is another one of our directors, and I'm incredibly impressed by how calm he is under the most trying of circumstances. Two years ago, Nitin was working with a brand for which he had to make and release a new commercial every week – and he did so without anyone feeling the pressure he was under."

A look inside Dharavi through the eyes of two young aspiring locals. For Intel, directed by Nitin Parmar.

“Nitin’s most often repeated phrases are “Okay let me take a look… Will see what I can do” and “Let’s think some more”.

“Nitin knows every single frame and all of the dialogue from the movie “Back to the Future”. He’s obsessed with colours - paints, colour pencils, grading machines, colour bars, crayons - anything that he can colour with! He’s like a kid in a candy shop when he sees anything that can colour.“ 

DBS Chilli Paneer, India’s first interactive digital film

Name: Himanish Ashar
Company: Leo Burnett
Current Role: Creative Strategist
Introduced By: Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer

Himanish Ashar (L) and Rajdeepak Das (R)

“Himanish Ashar is a mad guy. A mad guy with a vision. A vision to one day become a social celebrity. But most importantly, he’s one of the few young creatives in the country who knows what works and how to get things done.

“His dream of becoming an internet personality has given Himanish the gift of understanding how to reach an audience of a million, with simple human thoughts. 

“Every day, he gets closer and closer to the masses on a global scale. With a fanbase of over 150,000 and growing (he’s the founder of the Legendary Facts Facebook page), he knows exactly what triggers audiences and what it takes to create a wave amongst people. More than they learn about him, it is him that is learning about them.

“His proudest moment came when Facebook banned him. Not once, but seven times. That’s seven times more fame. He aspires to hit the world record which is now standing at 23.5 times."

Campaign by Leo Burnett launched ahead of Independence Day in India and Pakistan in 2015

“When he’s not busy getting banned or learning the age-old art of jujitsu, he’s part of a creative cell called Apollo 11. Why Apollo 11? Because, just like the infamous conspiracy theory surrounding the moon landing, Apollo 11 was created to make the biggest impact in the industry. The creative cell consists of a handful of young and talented specialists with the sole purpose of creating the best technology or the best content within the industry.  Working with creatives from various backgrounds – one being an aerodynamics engineer specialising in rocket fuel, another is a tech guy-turn filmmaker, and there’s even an environmental sociologist - Apollo 11 has already started to make waves in creativity.”