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Juniper Park\TBWA Spotlights Why oxio Is Ready to Be the First Internet Provider You’ll Actually Like
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Toronto, Canada
'Made to Internet' serves up oxio’s mission on a silver platter and offers a compelling and reliable new alternative to the sea of sameness

oxio is shattering the internet status quo. To fuel oxio’s rapid expansion across Canada, they’ve partnered with global Toronto-based creative brand experience company, Juniper Park\TBWA on their “uncampaign”.

“If we were to build a challenger brand in the lab it would look like oxio: transparent, capable, caring, irreverent…free of conventions that hold most brands back from forming meaningful relationships.” said Bill Chamness, VP of strategy, Juniper Park\TBWA.  

oxio is disrupting the way things have always been done in telco, because they know that’s no longer working for Canadians. They don’t just talk this talk, they walk the walk, and that approach led them to “Made to Internet.”

'Made to Internet' serves up oxio’s mission on a silver platter and offers a compelling and reliable new alternative to the sea of sameness. Within the first few seconds, you’ll know it’s a bold signal that oxio is clearly different from the rest. Have you heard of a company just selling internet with no hidden fees or long-term contracts? Well now you have! The “uncampaign” is based on their unique values of not hiding behind anything (think sneaky price hikes), bringing the fun back into internet (cat videos + nice people working at oxio), giving a damn about their customers, and always telling the truth.

Rejecting conventions, oxio leaned away from the traditional “back to school” campaign their competitors rely on and into real moments when good internet is needed most. These spots behave like your friend… while snarky, they are always reliable. Created with thumb-stopping, social minded, relatable animations, oxio does more than just tell, they show their audience how they’re in a category of one. Let’s be real, do you think another telco would relate to you scrolling in the bathroom?

“The art direction of 'Made to Internet' wasn't just a style – it was a statement. Lo-fi, subversive and rebellious, it unlocked a flexible and adaptable design system.” said Bia Breves, group creative director, Juniper Park\TBWA.

“We’re thrilled to launch this campaign that will propel our sustained growth in Canada. In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertising and we’re competing for attention, we set out to create a differentiated and compelling story that will make oxio stand out and show the new generation of Canadians a refreshing alternative in the telco industry. Partnering with Juniper was exhilarating in a way that they instantly understood our vision and ambition for the brand.” said Pénélope Asselin Forcier, marketing director, oxio.

The campaign launched on August 14th in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta across OOH, OLV, Social & Display (and with oxio internet you can watch them from anywhere in your house). All media was handled by Touche Media.

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