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High Five: Mexico
Advertising Agency
Mexico City, Mexico
Creative director at Wunderman Thompson Mexico, Alejandro Valenzuela, shares insight into some of the best work to come out of Mexico in the last few months...
I am Alejandro Valenzuela. I have been working for Wunderman Thompson (and JWT) for 11 years, and I now have the creative director role for brands like Shell, 3M and VW. I have several local and international awards such as Cannes Lions, Clios, LIA, FIap and Ojo de Iberomerica, but for me, the most important award is the real impact on communities that good communication can achieve. I hope you like my selection...

Volkswagen Taos - 'The Different Way'

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Mexico
Production: LANDIA

This piece was made by Wunderman Thompson Mexico for the launch of the new VW Taos, a vehicle for a very particular target: DINKS (Double income and no kids couples). So, the challenge was to make a good film that shows the lifestyle of one of those couples who have decided to make different decisions, with a good soundtrack, excellent photography and a dynamic edition to show the features. The client, the public and we all love the final result.

Chevrolet - 'Where Families Become More Family'

Agency: McCann Mexico
Production: Central Films

Just as we did with VW, McCann also had the challenge of speaking to new families in order to show the capacity of a Chevrolet vehicle. McCann did that with this film that tells - with a very fresh approach - a very common story of a couple who have just met and confess to each other how many children they have from their previous marriages... a great excuse to show us the big space of the new 2022 Chevrolet SUV, the place 'where families become more family'.

Pedigree - 'A Year Together'

Agency: BBDO Mexico

'A Year Together' from the pet food brand Pedigree is a very simple print campaign which reminds us how we had to take care of ourselves during the pandemic, but it also reminds us that, fortunately, we have not been alone: our pets have been with us! We have spent more time with them - taking care of each other - and our bonds of union and love have been strengthened.

Alpura Milk - 'Mother's Day'

Agency: BBDO Mexico
Production: Oriental Films 

Mother's Day in Mexico is like SuperBowl day for many brands, with commercials released dedicated to that important family figure. That's why it is very easy to fall into clichés or have ideas that, trying to be original, end with very unfortunate results. This milk TVC, however, tells something different, by recognising the fullness with which women live, and how motherhood will make them live another new experiences. Everything is told through a very theatrical montage, with a final good claim that says: 'Congratulations to the women who have lived it all, and are about to live even more.'

Victoria Beer - 'Our Land'

Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Production: MediaMonks

Although this piece starts and ends with a scene that could have been omitted (a small mound of dirt 'talking' with a very poor animation), this beer TVC is a good example of advertising focused on exalting Mexican pride; its culture, legends, traditions, flavours and people. The piece has a good soundtrack and photography, excellent editing and impressive time lapse scenes, to talk about how Victoria, the first Mexican beer, was born from the earth and became into 'El sabor chingón de México' - a rude expression which means something like 'The f**ing great Mexican flavour'.

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