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Fashion Retailer Simons Showcases the Beauty of Life in Gorgeous Film from Broken Heart Love Affair

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Toronto, Canada
Spot directed by Mark Zibert urges people to see things differently and to be brave enough to find beauty in everything, even in the most challenging moments

As Peter Simons transitions from CEO to head merchant to set the creative vision for Canadian fashion retailer Simons, he is also seeking to establish a more humanistic viewpoint for the organization and its customers through the launch of a new brand platform 'All is Beauty'. The brand platform is a first where Simons seeks to establish a firm point of view to carry the brand beyond Quebec’s historical relationship with the retailer. 

“We made the choice coming out of the pandemic to do something that has some importance, that has a deeper meaning,” says Peter Simons, head merchant, Simons. “We’ve taken the past two years to truly reflect on who we want to be as a company and have made the choice to use the privilege of our voice and platform to create something meaningful, something that is less about commerce and more about connection. It is stories like Jennyfer’s that we want to share—human experiences that move us and allow us to see the world in a different way. A way that may be uncomfortable, but where there is discomfort, there is growth and an opportunity to see deeper meaning and deeper beauty, that we may have otherwise missed.” 

Jennyfer was terminally ill and, though in pain, made the courageous decision to fill her final days with as much love, connection, and wonder as she had throughout her life, to live fully until her very last breath, and to see the immense beauty in her final moments. 

“While her story is not easy to tell, it is a moving testament to the exquisiteness and fragility of human life and an inspiring example of how our bravery to act and see things differently can drastically change our reality,” says Simons. “It poignantly proves that all is beauty.” 

Created by Toronto-based Broken Heart Love Affair, the brand platform and the launch film are a reflection on the past few years filled with tragedy and vulnerability, and focuses on the opportunity to gravitate towards the beauty of life in the most challenging moments - serving as a reminder that the human experience should always be one filled with appreciation and a balanced view on the world around us.

“This project is unlike anything we have done before,” says Craig McIntosh, chief creative officer, BHLA. “Peter was adamant that their message would have a broader impact and could transform the way people approach their life. He wants Simons to be a catalyst for change, more than simply a retailer.” 

The film is non-scripted, but instead uses Jennyfer’s own words, and no Simons products appear in the film. The 'All is Beauty' platform consists of the three-minute digital 'All is Beauty' film with 60 and 30-second versions on TV and online.  It will be supported by digital OOH in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. 

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