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Barclaycard Embraces Even the Weirdest Businesses. Like The Crystal Barn
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London, UK
Droga5’s first work for the financial brand deploys director Jeff Low’s zany touch to devastating effect showcasing real Kettering business The Crystal Barn
Electric Theatre Collective lends their considerable VFX talent to the first spot in a new campaign, created by Droga5, that shows Barclaycard Business takes growing businesses seriously. Even the most unusual ones. 

The film is the first in a series that focuses on a real Barclaycard customer, The Crystal Barn (seriously, check out their website), who operate a growing healing crystal business out of a collection of barns in Kettering. Not your average small to medium sized business. But one that Barclaycard takes as seriously as any other. And by taking their payments as seriously as The Crystal Barn take their crystals, Barclaycard is helping them grow.

A Barclaycard spokesperson said: “Barclaycard supports businesses of all shapes and sizes; whether they’re selling coffee or healing crystals. Our playful new integrated advertising campaign, ‘We Take Business Seriously’, showcases the diverse range of real businesses that we work with and The Crystal Barn is the first in a series of businesses that we’ll be profiling throughout the year. We’re proud to partner with ambitious businesses of all kinds, and look forward to shining a light on more of our customers.”

Droga5 said: “It’s nice when a client buys a bold idea. It’s also nice when you get an amazing director like Jeff. But you know what's really nice? Discovering two bonafide stars successfully selling crystals in a barn. Andy and Clare were fantastic. We hope this campaign turns The Crystal Barn into Amazon for healing crystals.Thanks for reading. Crystals.”

Jeff Low from Biscuit said: “Charlene and Dan had a great idea and that’s mostly what made this work. That and the bravery of Barclaycard to try something a bit different rather the usual bank stuff where you can practically hear the risk calculation behind every decision. Crystals.”

Lee Pavey from ETC said: "As soon as we read this amazing script we knew we had to be involved. We loved the idea and love working with Jeff so we knew this spot would look awesome. We turned this around in double quick time and are seriously proud to be part of the team who will, no doubt, make Andy and Claire's business thrive. Crystals."

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