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About VCCP

Integrated creative agency: where principles, people and passion result in populating culture.


So what do we actually do? We describe ourselves as Transformation Partners. Put simply we exist to transform the fortunes of our clients.

Success in our book is helping O2 move from 4th to 1st in market share 36 months after launch or helping easyJet’s share price fly from £4 to £14 in 24 months. Don’t get us wrong, we love our creative gongs and we get our fair few, but what really gets us out of bed in the morning is business transformation.

So how do we do it? First up it takes more than glossy advertising as we believe it only works if it all works. Only if a consumer experience is compelling and coherent from initial search query to in-store purchase can we expect to have a transformational impact on a client’s business.

This is why VCCP is a fully integrated creative agency, where over half of us come from non advertising backgrounds.


Part of VCCP’s success has come from its longstanding dedication to its ten founding principles. They were established at launch to be the antithesis to all the frustrations the founders had experienced at other advertising agencies. It means we spend less time managing and more time thinking.


VCCP was founded on 24th January 2002, around Charles’ kitchen table.  Charles Vallance, Adrian Coleman, Rooney Carruthers and Ian Priest were united by their desire to un-do the bad habits of big creative agencies. The agency was founded on the principles of simplicity, collaboration, un-preciousness and integration around ideas rather than channels.  It’s the reason why over half our employees come from non-traditional advertising backgrounds.