Dallas Mavericks - Welcome to the Retroplex
Dallas Mavericks
Post Production
London, UK
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX

Come along on a trip back in time with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks! Super fans will relish in the recreation of the Mavs’ original downtown home, the legendary Reunion Arena, where the storied franchise first began. The Glassworks VFX artists thoroughly built the CGI replica and filled it through a combination of their custom 3D crowd system, precise 2D duplication and just 100 extras – creating a realistic crowd for this retro-inspired campaign.

To present the 2022-23 city edition uniform, the film takes us back to the birth of basketball in the “Big D” and features the fashion aesthetics of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Artfully combining archival footage and new digital material by applying a variety of VHS and 8mm treatments, the retro look of the campaign pays homage to classic sports content and transports us to an exciting team launch in 1980.

Besides the honour of partnering directly with the Dallas Mavericks and their creative producer Andre Robinson, the Glassworks team was thrilled to be heavily involved in developing a creative approach and supervising the VFX needs on set, alongside NBA stars, such as Luka Doncic.

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