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About MTArt Agency
An agency for the most talented artists

The thought leaders. Role Models. Pioneers. The determined. Independent thinkers. The fighters and true believers. These are the artists we invest in. They’re extremely rare.

And we’re ecstatic when we find them.

Founded in 2015, MTArt Agency is a certified B Corp® award-winning talent agency for the most exciting up and coming visual artists worldwide, and a creative agency that delivers exciting art-driven projects for brands, public bodies and cultural organisations. While the art industry typically concentrates on selling art on walls, MTArt’s visionary approach focuses on investing in and supporting the person behind it.
On average, MTArt Artists have seen their works grow 150% in value year-on-year while signed to the agency, offering collectors promising investment opportunities with artists. Collectors who acquire art with MTArt Agency build relationships with the artists, and become part of the MTArt’s community. 

As a creative agency, MTArt uses its expertise to work with inspiring brands on commissions and partners with cultural organisations and public bodies to deliver public art projects. Its artists have collaborated with Cannes Film Festival, brands such as Aston Martin, Nike and Chloé, government bodies including the Mayor of Paris, Mayor of London and Camden Council, transit hubs such as Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Saint- Lazare train station, and with museums, auction houses, festivals and luxury hotels.

Every month, the agency reviews 200 portfolios of artists. Its selection committee chooses artists with innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong messages. For the artists who sign with the agency, MTArt covers their studio costs, sells their works, implements cultural & commercial partnerships and offers press exposure. This is how we accelerate their artistic reputation, visibility and success.

We now have four offices; London, Paris, Madrid and Monaco and want MTArt Agency to eventually rival the major Hollywood talent agencies.