Velux - The Cube

Advertising Agency
London, UK

The stress of modern life requires an antidote.

Many of us learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic the importance more than ever of making time and space for calm, peace, and quiet. And with light, fresh air, and nature being key to cultivating a peaceful and healthy living space, we opened our minds - and windows.

Having pioneered roof windows as a revolutionary way to let in light and fresh since 1941, VELUX was naturally positioned to be a catalyst for change.

A sensory cube of calm.

Together with Henning Larsen Architects, iconic electronics company Bang & Olufsen and renowned Danish musician Kasper Bjørke, VELUX has created The Cube. A sensory experience where unique moments of calm are crafted. Entering a kaleidoscopic interior of mirrored walls visitors can control an arrangement of nine VELUX roof windows via the VELUX ACTIVE app or enjoy the beauty of the ever-changing pattern of light as the windows open and close. 

Opening each window reveals a different calming nature sound, which seamlessly composes itself into the music playing inside The Cube. Chords and binaural frequencies that calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety gently wash over visitors, allowing them to feel aware of the present moment. 

Located at Observation Point along the South Bank in London, The Cube by VELUX was a special project for the London Design Festival. An oasis in the city, the space showcases how light and nature offer a refuge from the intensity of the world around us.

Not everyone can travel to London, so AKQA created a digital experience that allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of The Cube by VELUX. Explore a variety of landscapes through the roof windows; sea, mountains, or forest. Listen to the ethereal music, layering the sounds to create your ideal soundtrack.

From producing ambient music, I discovered it can create an ethereal atmosphere allowing listeners to connect with a different state of mind - even in public. I hope people visiting the installation will feel the same tranquillity that I felt producing it.

Kasper Bjørke, Musician and Producer

A digital and physical sanctuary.

At the London Design Festival 2021, The Cube was fully booked within minutes, and the news about the oasis spread fast through word of mouth and an immersive social media campaign. 

The Cube by VELUX has been designed to be disassembled and packed up to move to its next home. Henning Larsen Design Director Eva Ravnborg said: “Light, in particular, is something that changes everywhere you are in the world, and as Scandinavian designers, this transitory quality is something we’re very aware of. Each place that houses The Cube will offer a completely different experience of the space and allow a different interpretation of its meaning.”

The Cube digital experience continues to inspire and allow everyone to enjoy a moment of calm. It persists as a reminder of the importance of escaping normality and choosing serenity, even for a minute or two.


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