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About Quality Meats

Hello. We're a creative house.

Here’s the thing. Nobody cares what you have to say.
(Not you, the person reading this, but your brand.) People literally go out of their way to avoid ads. Which means creative needs to be more creative than ever. We don’t mean razzle and dazzle for the sake of razzling and dazzling. But deliver a compelling message in a way that’s unexpected, engaging and ultimately enjoyable. Making people not want to avoid it, but actually absorb it, and actually like it. That’s what quality creative does.

The traditional agency model doesn’t hold up any more. Too bloated, too slow, too much malarkey. (And having worked at agencies big, small and medium-sized, we’ve seen and smelled it all.) Which is why we’re built like a production house. We’re lean. Just a few humans, hell-bent on finding great ideas and making them. And if needed, an arsenal of strategists, designers, etc. to call on. We’re fast. We don’t waste months strategizing about strategy or quintuple bidding. We cut to the heart of the problem and solve it efficiently. In fact, we’re partnered with a few select production houses to shave time and money off the entire process. We’re project-driven. We approach each one differently. Putting every ounce into the project, without the whole choreographed song and dance of an agency desperately trying to be your AOR. We just want to collaborate with quality partners to deliver the highest-quality product.