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There are a million variety packs out there, and for good reason. They’re a chance to explore, discover, and have fun — after all, that’s what beer is all about.

So when it came time to create a hoppy variety pack for Yards, we took those ideas to heart. We thought outside the box, and, outside our world.

Space Junk was designed to stand out in a category that’s often overwhelming. Because each beer in this pack has a unique branding of its own, we united them through a lighthearted illustration style. Recreating the cans also allowed us to add features that connected them to the theme, like bottle opener satellite panels and shuttle wings. The “Space Junk” typeface is also unique. It was custom-made to instill a feeling of nostalgia that our audience gravitates towards.

By pairing all of these brightly-colored elements against a deep background, we made sure the package would jump off of busy store shelves. But we had to do more than catch people’s attention. Once they picked it up, we had to make sure they wouldn’t put it down until it was in their fridge.

We ensured the four beers in the variety pack were prominently displayed and simply described. This instantly made the pack appealing for the hop-forward beer drinker. Beyond that, we tapped into the hearts of Philadelphians by sprinkling Philly and Yards-based easter eggs throughout the box.  

Every element of this package was crafted through the “Space Junk” lens. Even standard fixtures found on all Yards packaging, from the logo to the content labels, were adorned with thematically relevant elements. Beyond simply being eye-catching, we made sure that discovering the hidden gems on the outside of the box was just as much fun as discovering your new favorite beer from the inside.

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