BSSP for Sunrun

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New York, USA
The question on every kids mind this time of year is “how will Santa land his sleigh?” When your home has Sunrun solar panels on the roof it becomes an even more vital question. Enter Paul Winnowski, Claus Operating Officer at Sunrun who answers Little Timmy’s heartfelt “letter to Sunrun” with an informative video created by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners that illustrates how Sunrun carefully installs its panels with a “Reindeer Runway.” The video was created by BSSP based on a brief to create a holiday facebook post. In the blink of an eye (well a day and a half), BSSP and Sunrun created, filmed and produced a 60-second film for Sunrun’s social channels and customer communication. Anthony, the “Reindeer Logistics Analyst” at Sunrun explains how maximum Santa Exposure is ensured on the roof, calibrating for different conditions and newer “sleigh models.” While the film is a fun take on the Reindeer on the roof question, it also speaks to Sunrun’s service agreements, custom panel designs for each roof and maintenance programs (reindeer hooves are covered, as are package dings when gifts fall from Santa’s bag). “This is a great example of how we can be ‘lively and quick,’” explained John Butler, Chief Creative Officer at BSSP. “The best work today entertains by being topical and fun. We took a simple request for a facebook post and turned it into an original content play designed to engage and be shared.”
About The Marketing Standard

Toni Lee is a communications specialist with expertise in developing strategically focused marketing, public relations and social media programs for companies that include both internal and external channels.

Her clients are predominantly in the business-to-business space, with most in the marketing services, advertising, financial services, venture capital and publishing fields.

In the course of her 25-year career she has worked on behalf of such well-known companies as Ogilvy & Mather, Deutsch, Harvard Business Review, Conde Nast Magazines, Rupert Murdoch, Franklin Resources, Village Ventures, Inc. Magazine and many others.

Toni founded TL Communications in 1998 following a seven-year tenure at Grey Advertising. Since beginning her own firm, she has worked as a consultant to Ogilvy & Mather North America, managing its internal communications and public relations efforts.

In addition, her clients include and have included a variety of creatively focused companies such as Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Digital agency Blue State Digital (the agency behind Obama), Promotional marketing firms TracyLocke and Ryan Partnership and financial firms Hightower Partners and Bowen & Company.

Toni honed her PR skills at Howard Rubenstein & Associates in New York and also worked at a variety of PR firms including Lobsenz-Stevens and KCS&A.

"Any business, especially an agency business, has to promote both the product and the people, the work and the workers. Partnering with Toni to find that right balance for me has been eye-opening. We’re in the business of selling more than just individual stories and features; it’s about sustainable ideas that build relationships."

Thomas Gensemer, CEO Blue State Digital

As head of Advertising Women of New York’s PR committee, Toni helped found and create “The Good, Bad & Ugly Awards,” as a mechanism to help AWNY establish and build its brand within the advertising marketplace.

She has served on the board of directors of the BrandCenter, a graduate School at Virginia Commonwealth University. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania, she resides in Wilton, CT.