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Build authentic gaming credibility for EE within the gaming community, whilst landing EE Store as the ultimate destination for gaming, for every player on any network.


EE Game Day - A one-day mixed reality gaming treasure hunt conducted for both physical and virtual audiences throughout the UK, broadcast on a 3-hour Twitch stream by Yogscast channel. Featuring:

-    Mixed reality immersive stunt with 15 Cos Play gaming characters and AR graphic overlays

-    A bespoke online game, played by the streamers, who journeyed through four worlds to         solve challenges, that unlocked the treasure map revealing the physical locations and         passwords of 13 EE Game Chests hidden across the UK containing up to £1000 worth of         gaming prizes, each chest guarded by our Cos Play actors.

-     Digital Game Chests were given out on the stream for those who couldn’t make it out, with         a surprise grand finale digital giveaway worth over £3000. 

EE Game day concluded with a 72-hour sale on EE Store with up to 25% of games, accessories and consoles.

The Impact

Overall, EE Game Day drove significant uplift in gaming category equity and consideration for EE. 

- 95,000 gamers took part in the hunt alone

- Significant uplift in visitors to the EE Game Store during the crucial three-day promotion period

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