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Lobos 1707
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New York, USA
Music / Sound
About Full English Post

Full English Post is a Brooklyn-based post production audio facility dedicated to outputting only the highest standard of sound design and mixing. Working closely with agencies, production companies, and creatives, we like to collaborate from as early as possible throughout a project to build a well-rounded creative process where both the edit and sound design can grow at the same pace. Of course, we are no strangers to last minute audio-post fixes either and strive to offer quick, professional turnarounds. We believe creativity and innovation isn't born with a silver spoon in it's mouth, so why should our clients pay for a breakfast spread that doesn't get eaten (unless you're craving a bagel or a cronut, we can arrange that).  Less fluff = less spend from your post-production budget with the same final's a full english at the price you want.


The company was founded by British sound designer and engineer, Kieran Kaye. Beginning his career in a post-production audio studio in Manhattan, followed by several years in London at top Soho post houses, he grew and developed a passion for sound design and mixing. This experience was strengthened by working on challenging projects that push boundaries ultimately leading him back to New York to create his own company in 2016. Full English was born.


Sound is everything. It's the underscore to life. Everything you hear around you is music and it affects your mood. It carries different energies and power. We believe that the audio counterpart to an audio-visual project is just as important as the visual. Every sound effect and acoustic placement of each piece of audio adds to the soundtrack of your project. It builds the energy and sets the mood for the visuals you spent so long on. If you couldn't tell, we're passionate about sound. Our mission is to insert our sonic passion onto your creation and design the perfect audial partnership with the visuals you provide us.