B2 Award winner (2023): Zoetis & Bader Rutter - "Keep or Cull"

B2 Award winner (2023): Zoetis & Bader Rutter
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We often use first impressions to form opinions about people, businesses, and products. However, appearance isn’t everything.

Genomic testing provides knowledge to manage herds. Genomic testing isn’t widely implemented by producers today. Why? Many think their eyes and expertise serve them best. To show there’s a better way to evaluate their herd, we developed a digital marketing solution that puts the eyes of producers to the test. 

With a focus on showcasing Zoetis Beef Genetics, the campaign addressed the challenge of low adoption rates of genetic programs among producers. Using a dating app-inspired swipe concept, producers evaluated cattle based on appearance, challenging the reliance on eyes and instincts alone.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gamified Education for Producers: Zoetis intelligently addressed the industry challenge by gamifying the educational experience for cattle producers. "Keep or Cull" not only engaged the audience but also effectively communicated the limitations of traditional breeding decision methods, emphasizing the value of genomic testing.

  2. Innovative Use of Familiar Language and Interface: The campaign leveraged industry-specific terminology like "cull" and adopted a familiar swipe interface akin to dating apps. This approach not only resonated with the target audience but also made complex genetic concepts more accessible, breaking down barriers to adoption.

  3. Strategic Live Demonstration: Unveiling the gamified experience at the Annual Angus Cattle Convention during a live cattle demonstration provided an interactive and memorable showcase. This real-time engagement allowed producers to witness firsthand the disparity between their instincts and Zoetis GeneMax® Advantage test results.

The success of the 2022 Keep or Cull campaign not only highlighted a strong demand for education and adoption among the audience but also resulted in a remarkable 172 percent increase in leads compared to the previous year

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