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The Canadians at Cannes Lions Cheat Sheet

London, UK
Ahead of Monday's festivities, LBB's Jordan Won Neufeldt assembles a list of where to find the Canadians of adland with notable roles in the event
When it comes to the biggest advertising event of the year, it’s safe to say that turnout is immense. In fact, Cannes Lions itself estimates approximately 12,000 attendees rolling into the French city next week, all keen to partake in adland's biggest celebration.  

To this end, we know that it might prove somewhat tricky to search for one’s fellow citizens at such an event. Sure, it’s wonderful to link up with creatives and industry leaders around the globe, but at the end of the day, there’s something to be said for connecting with your country’s best… beyond the people you travelled there with, of course.

So, to make this a little bit easier for the Canadians in attendance next week, we have compiled a cheat sheet for LBB readers. While it wouldn't be possible to list every single Canadian due to attend, we have included every jury member, panellist, and, naturally, speaker on the LBB & Friends Beach who hails from Canada and works in the industry. All this to help you in your search, and give you a starting place for those invaluable networking opportunities.

To find out more, scroll through below!

Cannes Lions 2024 Jury Members:

Print & Publishing Lions:

Isabelle Allard-Gendron - Creative director at Sid Lee

Audio & Radio Lions:

Mike Dubrick - Chief creative officer at Rethink

Film Craft Lions:

Andrea Ogunbadejo - Vice president and managing director, production at Cossette

Industry Craft Lions:

Stephanie Yung - Chief design officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo

Direct Lions:

Shelley Brown - Chief strategy officer at FCB Canada

Creative Commerce Lions:

Erin Kawalecki - Partner and chief creative officer at Angry Butterfly

Health & Wellness Lions:

Marty Martinez - Chief creative officer at TANK Worldwide

Pharma Lions:

Jane Motz Hayes - Chief creative and design officer at Havas Health Network

Creative Strategy Lions:

Rafik Belmesk - Chief strategy officer at Dentsu Creative

Canadian Speakers on the LBB & Friends Beach:

Monday 11:00 - Fast and Furious: How to Keep Up with Change without Losing Our Humanity

Tyler Turnbull - Global CEO at FCB

Monday 12:00 - Inside Job - How the New Gen of Inhouse Agencies Has Found Its Creative Ambition

Simon Au - Executive creative director at The Kitchen North America

Thursday 12:15 - What Keeps Marketers Up At Night

Susan Irving - Chief marketing officer at Kruger Products Inc.

Canadians on Official Cannes Lions Panels

Monday 3:30 - Creatives on the Terrace: Edelman, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

Judy John - Global chief creative officer at Edelman

Aaron Starkman - Global chief creative officer at Rethink

Tuesday 4:00 - Aspirational Intelligence

Kristian Manchester - Global chief creative officer at Sid Lee

Wednesday 12:30 - Inside the Jury Room: Film Craft Lions

Andrea Ogunbadejo - Vice president and managing director, production at Cossette

Thursday 3:30 - Tour of the Work: Direct Lions

Shelley Brown - Chief strategy officer at FCB Canada

Thursday 4:15 - Revamping Legacy Brands for Today's Audience

Diana Frost - Chief growth officer at Kraft Heinz

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