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Race to Victory with Crypto Trading Platform Bittrex's Dynamic Spot

London, UK
Not To Scale and Hello Savants bring the metaverse to life to turn the fast-paced crypto space into a racing video game

In our increasingly digital and cyber-world, where navigating the crypto space is like a never-ending dash to the finish line, Not To Scale New York and Hello Savants have created a highly stylised brand film for Bittrex, the crypto trading platform. In a six-week race to delivery, the wild imaginations of the Hello Savants collective have invented their own metaverse where the fast-paced crypto space becomes a racing video game in vibrant and volumetric 2d animation. The Bittrex Racer, 'Steady', sprints on to victory, (as we all know slow and 'steady' wins the race), clearly being equipped with the best skills to manoeuvre through the twists and turns of successful Crypto trading.

Working with an extensive group of illustrators and animators, Hello Savants were tasked with creating a film with a retro essence yet futuristic touch. The aesthetic is inspired by old motorbike races, 8-bit arcade games and the animated cartoons of the 80s, but the innovative direction of motion sequences and camera angles serves to retain that modern feel which is so crucial to the creation of their Bittrex crypto-verse.

“It has been an incredibly smooth and innovative project to work on for Savants, developing such individual characters and personalities, whilst working with a group of great illustrators and animators who were key in shaping the aesthetic of the animation.” - Marco Galmacci, Hello Savants.

Keen to stand out against crypto's live-action competitors, the agency created a well-developed, immersive and highly-crafted creative concept, turning to Not To Scale and Hello Savants to realise their vision.

“From the first meeting to the final cut, the creative collaboration was seamless, and the work continually elevated. Marco and his team embedded creativity and delight in every last pixel and brought the energy and edge of our idea to life in a most magical way that delighted and wowed our client.” - Lou Maxon, creative director.

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