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Pilgrims Choice Fills Your Life with Flavour with More Cheesy Dreamscapes
London, UK
Above+Beyond and Red Knuckles help cheese enthusiasts see their dreams turned into reality with a visually enticing campaign

Cheese enthusiasts will see their dreams turned into advertising once again for the second phase of 'The Cheese of your Dreams,' an integrated campaign for Pilgrims Choice, created by The Beyond Collective agencies, Above+Beyond and Yonder and produced by Red Knuckles.

Building on the campaign debut in 2018, this year’s activity is set to reinforce Pilgrims Choice’s brand mission to ‘fill life with flavour’ with a new focus on recipe inspiration.

The £2.5 million campaign includes three 10-second TV spots entitled 'Dishes of your Dreams,' which blend live performance, puppetry and CGI to recreate three consumers’ dreams, and will run online and on TV until the end of October. The films were co-directed by Rick & Mario and Adeena Grubb through Red Knuckles.

Each of the three films, starting with 'Conor’s Pitta Dream' which goes live today, bring to life the real flavour-packed dreams of Pilgrims Choice lovers. Showcasing the range of Pilgrims Choice products through delicious cheese-filled recipes, each execution will see a bite of one of these dishes transport the eater into a dreamworld full of fantastical and flavoursome cheese-related characters and dreamscapes.

Directing duo and co-owners of Red Knuckles, Rick & Mario comment: "The three worlds had to reflect that mouth-watering instant of euphoria when cheese hits the tongue - a warm and fuzzy feeling of pure flavour joy. Hence, these colourful little paradises are filled with anthropomorphic smiling volcanoes, flying pink whales and partying cacti. We wanted to make each environment feel different to indicate the different textures and strengths of the cheddar but ultimately all reflect a cheesy dreamy heaven."

The television campaign is backed by a programme of recipe-related content, as Pilgrims Choice partners with influencers and publisher Tastemade to inspire foodies to invent their own Pilgrims Choice recipes. These will be turned into hands-on recipe videos and amplified across social media. In a new step for Tastemade, the video for the final recipe will be completely user-generated.

To give users the full 360° experience, connected shoppable content platform Whisk is working with Pilgrims Choice to let people purchase recipe ingredients instantly via social.
The activity follows last year’s debut ‘The Cheese of your Dreams’ campaign, also created by Above+Beyond.

Michael Harper, marketing director at Ornua Foods UK, said: “We’re delighted to be going live with the next iteration of ‘The Cheese Of Your Dreams.’ The first campaign brought much needed excitement to the category and delivered dreamy results for us, and we’re excited to build on its success with an even greater focus on flavour and individual recipes. As a challenger brand we have always aimed to cut through the category with innovative marketing activity, and the joined-up thinking of Above+Beyond and Yonder has led to some really disruptive ideas which enable us to do just that.”

David Billing, chief creative officer at Above+Beyond, said: “Turning real people’s cheddar-addled dreams into advertising is, coincidentally, the sort of stuff creatives dream about. Following on from the success of last year’s Cheese Dreams campaign, we’ve turned some more ramblings from Britain’s night-time imaginations into super flavoursome mini movies.”

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