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Pepsi Enters New Era With the Fizziest Launch in Thailand, With Vaynermedia

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Pepsi with its Creative partner VaynerMedia introduced its new logo and positioning in Thailand, “Thirsty for More”
Suntory PepsiCo Beverage is bringing to life the fizziest activations to celebrate Pepsi’s entry into its new era, with a brand takeover like no other.

Pepsi’s new look is taking centre stage at the PEPSI: INTO THE NEW ERA experience at CentralWorld’s plaza. Conceptualised by VaynerMedia Thailand, the 360° Visual & Sound digital art experience, live from 25 February to 3 March, is an unmissable electric blue spectacle right in the heart of Bangkok.

Mr. Anawat Sangkhasap, chief marketing officer, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage Company Limited, said, "This year, Pepsi is gearing up to bring fresh excitement by reshaping the brand's image with a unique and era-relevant style, giving it a cooler, more modern, fun, and playful vibe… We're stepping into a new era with a stronger and bolder Pepsi vibe, launching this at PEPSI: INTO THE NEW ERA.”

At the core of the PEPSI: INTO THE NEW ERA experience lies a colossal interactive dome that saw visitors lining up to participate in the immersive experience during the opening. Attendees were transported into a world that brought Pepsi’s new concept to life through four exhilarating zones: From plunging into New Era, Same Great Taste where a pulsing sphere bursts into a refreshing, panoramic spectacle of ice cubes, water, bubbles, and sparkling lights (your choice!), to dancing in the Pepsi Globe, a massive digital playground where visitors are invited to move and create visual art within an interactive 360º dome, the experience left visitors thirsting for more.

The experience will continue to unfold across many other provinces in Thailand after its Bangkok run. Follow @PepsiThai on Instagram for more information on dates and venues.

“PEPSI: INTO THE NEW ERA is so much more than an introduction to Pepsi’s new logo. It’s an immersive brand experience with social at the centre, culture at its core, and a platform for Zs to share that thirst-for-more energy with everyone around them. We are grateful, thrilled, and proud of this partnership with PepsiCo Thailand,” said Chan Woei Hern, head of creative at VaynerMedia APAC.

"Pepsi’s evolution into a new era seamlessly intertwines with the vibrant spirit of Gen Z. We want to invite them to join our journey, encouraging full immersion in the Pepsi brand experience. Through innovative brand engagements in collaboration with Mchoice Thailand, we effortlessly integrate them into the heart of Pepsi's new era,” said Napat Pornratanaraksa (June), associate creative director at VaynerMedia Thailand. “We encourage them to discover boundless excitement within our immersive globe, where dynamic visuals and captivating sounds spark fresh inspiration. We hope to inspire them to embrace Pepsi’s thirst for more."

Adding star power and excitement to the new era is Korean sensation, BabyMonster, the freshly appointed ambassadors and faces of Pepsi beverages in the Asia Pacific region, particularly the sugar-free variant.

“Each member has boldly left their “ordinary” lives behind to pursue their dream of becoming a K-Pop idol. Their eagerness for new inspiration, daring to repeatedly step out of their comfort zones, explore diverse styles, and the unwavering courage to pursue their passions are truly inspirational,” Mr. Anawat Sangkhasap, chief marketing officer, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited, said. “We’ve discovered the 'Thirsty For More’ spirit in them with their unquenchable thirst for new experiences… We want to invite Gen-Z individuals to also embrace the fizz and excitement with us."

Creativity knows no bounds in the lively city of Bangkok –– enter a New Era of Pepsi that brings the Same Great Taste to its vibrant streets. VaynerMedia’s concept and campaign for the refreshed Pepsi era reverberated not only among event attendees in Bangkok but also across the limitless playgrounds of social media, OOH, and DOOH in the Em District. 
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