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Most Read of 2022: LATAM

London, UK
LBB’s Ben Conway compiles the 10 most popular articles from the Latin America region in 2022

Latin America has, for some time, been a growing hub of creativity. With an ever-increasing list of global award show wins and impressive campaigns coming from the region, the Latin nations have stood out on the global stage more than ever in 2022.

Thanks to the diverse cultures within the various countries on the South American continent, the creative work within this list shows a great mix of styles, mediums and imaginative ideas. This selection of the year’s most-viewed LATAM content includes Fanta turning the moon into a vending machine, Pepsi’s World Cup ‘Nutmeg Royale’ featuring Messi and Ronaldinho, and even a zombie outbreak on the streets of Santa Monica for Netflix’s Resident Evil series. 

Check out the full articles below.

Fanta Turns the Moon into the World’s Largest Vending Machine

Wunderman Thompson Mexico

During a rare lunar eclipse in November – known as an ‘Orange Moon’, Fanta launched a social media campaign which turned the boring grey moon into the largest ever, deliciously orange, Fanta vending machine. To use the vending machine and acquire a free Fanta from a local Mcdonald's or 7Eleven, fans in Mexico could take a photo of the moon and share it on social media using the hashtag #Fantamoon and tagging @FantaMx.

Pepsi Max Debuts World Premiere of Football Film ‘Nutmeg Royale’

BBDO Argentina

Inspired by the iconic early noughties Pepsi ads that saw footballers take on medieval armies, Sumo wrestlers and even more outlandish opponents, Pepsi’s ‘Nutmeg Royale’, shows some of football’s greatest ever ‘nutmeggers’ take on an entire town. To the soundtrack of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Rockafeller Skank’, the seven-time Ballon D’Or winner - and now, World Cup winner -  Lionel Messi, and other iconic players and pundits of the footballing world compete to score the most ‘nutmegs’ in a vibrant and energetic spot. We also spoke with Pepsi and the creatives behind the spot for a ‘Behind the Work’ feature that you can check out here.

Celebrating International Women’s Day via Latin America

To mark International Women's Day, we spoke to female creative leaders from across Latin America to find out their favourite campaigns that champion females. Folk from Ogilvy Latina, W/McCann Brazil, DDB Colombia, and more chose campaigns old and new that inspired our creativity and grounded us to better the world. 

Resident Evil Terrifies the Streets of Santa Monica for Netflix Series Launch


For the launch of Netflix’s horror series ‘Resident Evil’, based on the iconic video game series of the same name, creative agency Founders installed a terrifying live installation on the streets of Santa Monica. Played out by an actor in a see-through containment cell, a man infected with the T-Virus (the virus from the series) was imprisoned before turning into a Zero (the zombies from the series) and breaking free to chase the crowd. The stunt was a success with both the live audience and over 15 million viewers on TikTok. 

Iconic Film 'City of God' Gets a Spin-Off 20 Years Later

VMLY&R Brazil

Directed by Fred Luz, the short film ‘Buscapé’ is the result of an unprecedented partnership between Vivo (Telefonica) and Motorola to celebrate the launch of the new Edge 30 Ultra. The film is a spin-off of the award-winning 'City of God', by director Fernando Meirelles, which sees the eponymous protagonist of the new short film return to Rio 20 years after the original was released. Stumbling upon a new discovery in the city, Buscapé solves the mystery with the help of some old friends and, of course, the new Edge and Vivo's 5G connection.

Mexican Men's Skirt Brand Invites Society to Defy Gender Norms

The Juju Agency

Baron is a brave counterculture fashion brand that explores a ‘new masculinity’. Founder, Arah Kim and creative agency The Juju created a bold marketing campaign for the fashion line that goes beyond simply advertising skirts for men - instead holding a mirror up to the stereotypes and prejudices regarding masculinity that are prevalent in Mexico. Producing a spot titled ‘Pantalones' (Pants) with Central Films, and through print and digital media, the campaign encouraged the freedom to dress, act and express yourself as you please, while celebrating alternative models of masculinity. The Juju’s creatives behind the stereotype-smashing campaign also spoke with us in a ‘Behind the Work’ feature about opposing macho culture and empowering people’s freedom of choice - read it here.

Listerine Enters the Metaverse to Help Fight Off Bad Breath

Wunderman Thompson Sao Paolo

‘Breathcalypse' from Wunderman Thompson’s Brazilian creative shows that bad breath can cause a real apocalypse in people's everyday lives. Embracing the metaverse, Listerine created a game that simulated real life, where people could create their own characters, live in a community and even attend an in-game comedy show featuring Brazilian actor and comedian, Fábio Porchat. Players with bad breath - represented by a cloud of green gas emitting from their mouths - had to find Listerine within the game to solve their problem. The unique campaign reached almost 70,000 concurrent live stream viewers on Twitch and saw hundred of influencers and gamers streaming the game to their fans.

This Valentine's Itaú Bank Pays Outstanding Instalments on Ex-Partners Gifts

Grey Argentina

A tale that will be all too familiar to some, Grey Argentina and Itaú Bank joined forces to help out recently separated people this Valentine’s Day by taking care of outstanding credit card instalments on gifts that people had bought for their exes. This ingenious idea involved a social media campaign and contest that saw some of Itaú Bank’s clients achieve a bit of closure and take one more step towards fixing their broken hearts.

How Chobani Brought Oat Milk to Everyone

The Roots Production Service

With a rare insight into the world of production service companies, LBB spoke with The Roots team that facilitated Chobani’s ‘Everyone Has Oat Milk’ spot, directed by Caviar’s Jonathan Krisel. Hoping to change the ‘for the few’ reputation of oat milk, The Roots’ art and wardrobe departments helped Caviar and The Martin Agency to make Oat Milk omnipresent in all aspects of pop culture and life generally in this highly entertaining spot. As well as speaking with the agency, LBB’s Ben Conway discussed the process of remote shooting in Chile while sticking to covid-19 guidelines with the Chilean production service team.

Creativity Squared: Marcelo Reis Is “Accelerated, Frenetic, Intense and Curious”

Leo Burnett Tailor Made

Getting a lot of eyeballs on him at the start of the year was Marcelo Reis, partner and co-CEO at Leo Burnett Tailor Made. In this interview with LBB, he discussed his creative process and some projects he is especially proud of, as well as his love for kite-surfing. Read the full article to get some wonderful insights and advice, including why a creative team needs to be stretched by challenging goals, and why a strong idea must encompass “pertinence, innovation and good production.”

Changing National Conversation - and Potentially Jurisdiction - with ‘Morning After Island’

Ogilvy Honduras

To wrap up this selection, here’s another insightful editorial piece that got the attention of the LATAM region and beyond over the summer. After Ogilvy Honduras won its first-ever Canne Lions, including a Glass Lion, at Cannes 2022, LBB’s Addison Capper caught up with the agency’s leadership to discuss their award-winning work and to get an insight into a country that may be one-to-watch after this impressive creative display.

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