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Five Manufacturers Contributing to the Evolution of Sonic Experiences


Wave Studios' Isaac Matus on the new ways sonic enthusiasts across the world are communicating with users

Five Manufacturers Contributing to the Evolution of Sonic Experiences

Isaac Matus is an award-winning sound designer based in New York City with a background as a multi instrumentalist, music producer and composer. 

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Isaac relocated to the US in 2013 to attend Berklee College of Music where he received the Richard Devine Sound Design award. After graduating in 2018, he moved to  New York where he began working with Wave in the fall of that same year. In the first year of after his promotion as Engineer at Wave, Isaac received the Best New Sound Designer award at the Kinsale Shark Awards in 2022. While in Wave, Isaac has worked in several campaigns for brands such as Budweiser, Icy  Hot, Air bnb, Michelob Ultra and more. Additionally, Isaac has worked as a sound designer and mixer for multiple short films, such as the award winning Ñaños (dir. Emilio Subia, 2021) which has been showcased at festivals all over the world including the Tribecca film in New York, the Evolution Mallorca in Spain and also received the Miami International Short Film Award in 2023.

Outside of Wave, Isaac has remained active as a musician performing, producing and recording music within the NYC Colombian/Latin music scene with bands such as KUYE, Maraca Bruja, Xito Lovell and other collaborations, as well as in the electronic music scene, performing DJ and live sets under his stage name Matük, releasing music with the local label Acacia Baila, and collaborating in electroacoustic experimental projects with names like composer Jessie Cox, the CEAC ensemble, among others

As media becomes more immersive and interactive, technology in entertainment keeps experimenting with creating environments that blend in sensorial elements of the real world with the limitless graphics and capabilities of the online universe. Sound design is a crucial element to tie these concepts together, which is why sonic enthusiasts across the field are constantly looking for new ways to communicate with the users in this ever evolving medium - from sound designers crafting otherworldly soundscapes, to developers and engineers creating solutions to make the user experience more seamless. With that in mind, here are five manufacturers who are contributing to the industry with innovative ideas for the evolution of sonic experiences.

1. Zyilia

Zyilia is a company that specialises in creating software and hardware tools for sound design. One of their most innovative products is the ZM-1 microphone. This microphone is capable of capturing 3D audio and it’s perfect for creating virtual reality content, as it allows the listener to experience sound in a more natural way. The ZM-1 consists of 19 small capsules that are arranged in a spherical array. Each capsule captures sound from a different direction, and the signals from all of the capsules are combined to create a 360-degree audio recording. This allows for a more immersive audio experience, as listeners can hear sounds coming from all directions as they would in real life. The ZM-1 microphone not only captures 3D audio, but it also comes with a software plugin that allows users to experience the immersive sound it provides. The plugin is called the Zylia Studio, and it offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for sound designers to work with 3D audio. With Zylia Studio, users can separate individual sound sources from the 3D audio recording, making it easier to edit and manipulate each sound source individually. Additionally, the software also provides tools for spatial audio mixing, allowing users to place sound sources in a 3D space. This is particularly useful for creating audio for virtual reality projects, as it provides a more natural and immersive listening experience for the user.

2. Auro 3D 

Auro-3D is a company that specialises in developing cutting-edge 3D audio technologies. Their immersive Audio codec is designed to provide a more realistic and natural listening experience. It supports up to 13.1 channels, including height channels, which allows for a more accurate and immersive soundstage. In addition to the Auro-3D codec, the company has also developed a range of products to support the format, including home theatre receivers, soundbars, and processors. These products are designed to provide a seamless integration of the Auro-3D format into existing audio systems, making it easier for users to enjoy high-quality immersive audio experiences. One of their latest innovations is the Auro-3D Streaming technology. It allows for the streaming of high-quality 3D audio over the internet without the need for specialised hardware or software. This is a major breakthrough in the world of 3D audio, as it offers the opportunity for sound designers, filmmakers and musicians to provide immersive audio experiences to audiences worldwide. To support their streaming technology, Auro 3D has also developed the Auro-Cx codec which is optimised for streaming, providing a high-quality audio experience with minimal bandwidth usage. The Auro-Cx codec is compatible with most major streaming platforms, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows.

3. Tsugi

Tsugi is a company that specialises in creating audio plugins and libraries for sound designers. One of their most innovative products is the Footstep Model. This plugin allows sound designers to create realistic footstep sounds in a more interactive way, while also offering a lot of specificity and control. It includes a range of parameters that can be adjusted, such as the type of shoe, the surface material, and the walking speed. With the Footstep Model, sound designers can create realistic footstep sounds that are tailored to their specific project without having to get into the Foley pit. This plugin is particularly useful for creating audio and footsteps for video games, films, and other multimedia projects in a intuitive and time effective fashion, without compromising quality and control. One of the key features of the Tsugi Footstep Model (and all their different products) is its ability to connect with virtual reality software like SteamVR and Oculus Rift, and with game audio software like Unity or Unreal Engine. This allows for real-time footstep generation based on the player's movements, and interacts with parameters such as the weight or speed of the virtual character, adds additional sound effects to the footsteps, such as creaking floorboards or rustling leaves.

4. Puremagnetik

Puremagnetik is a company that creates sample libraries and plugins for sound designers. Their products are used by musicians and sound designers all over the world. One of their most innovative products is the Granular Suite. This collection includes several granular synthesis patches, with different approaches to granular processing, providing a wide range of textures and tones. Granular synthesis is a technique that involves breaking down sound into tiny particles or 'grains' and manipulating them to create new sounds, by manipulating parameters such as pitch, time, grain size, grain amount, and grain spread. Because of its textural and abstract nature, the recent boom of ASMR has been pushing concepts like granular synthesis out of the sound designers niche to land in the hands of sound aficionados of all backgrounds. The Granule Collection makes it easy for sound designers or ASMR artists to experiment with this technique and create unique sounds and immersive audio experiences.

5. SonicLAB

SonicLAB is a company that creates software tools for sound design. Their products are used by musicians and sound designers in a variety of industries. One of their latest products is the SonicPlanet Creation mobile app which allows users to create and manipulate soundscapes in real-time using their phone or tablet. The app includes a variety of sound generators, effects and synthesis techniques that users can use to create unique and complex soundscapes. Users can also record and manipulate their own sounds using the app's built-in microphone or by importing audio files. Creation also includes a 3D aspect that allows users to position sounds in a virtual space. This means that sounds can be placed in different positions and moved around in a three-dimensional environment, creating a more immersive and realistic sound experience. This allows for precise control over the spatial characteristics of the sound, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that is not possible with traditional stereo or mono sound.

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