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Canon's Workplace Solutions Bring Harmony to Every Work Drama

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Detroit, USA
Campaign from McCann Detroit and MRM Media targets difference makers in today’s society who are redefining the post-pandemic workplace

To illustrate how the right technology can take the drama out of work, regardless of ‘where’ the drama occurs, Canon USA, Inc., a leader in digital imaging and hybrid workplace solutions, today is launching a new integrated marketing campaign, ‘Harmony at Work,’ in partnership with McCann Detroit and global media agency MRM Media. Rooted in the insight that in a world of chaos and drama, what the workforce seeks above all is harmony, the campaign features a variety of Canon’s products and solutions that can be used at home, in the office, at school, or anywhere in between.

“We are introducing the ‘Harmony at Work’ campaign to inspire the public by showcasing a range of available solutions that we have developed in recent years, in some cases in response to the pandemic, to meet evolving customer needs,” said Isao ‘Sammy’ Kobayashi, senior vice president and general manager of Canon USA, Inc. “Innovation is at the centre of Canon’s D.N.A., and we are leveraging our core input and output technologies in exciting new ways, and through new service offerings. By launching this new marketing initiative, we hope to creatively and effectively demonstrate how Canon truly takes the drama out of work.”

Canon’s core audience for the campaign comprises the difference-makers in today’s society who are shaping the evolution of work and leading daily in their personal and professional lives. This group of innovators are not constrained by any boundaries or labels, and can include parents, students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, IT decision makers, side hustlers, and more. The cohort is highly resilient, battle-tested, and focused on removing drama and increasing the harmony in the workplace.

In addition to exciting, non-traditional and native media activations that will reach Canon’s target audience over the course of the campaign through new channels and experiences, ‘Harmony at Work’ will feature a series of TV spots starring American actor and comedian Brett Gelman, known for his roles in current hit TV shows and feature films. Each ‘Harmony at Work’ spot will focus on a dramatic scenario, taking place either at home, at a business, or at college. In each instance, Brett’s character faces a challenge with work, and Canon has the solution.

“Canon’s ‘Harmony at Work’ pitch drew me in immediately due to its personal relatability,” said Brett. “The pandemic has created drama for actors like myself, as media has been disrupted probably as much as any industry. It was fun to engage in a variety of personas and to discover how Canon can provide a work solution to every work drama. My father sold Canon cameras back in the day, so I know first-hand the impact the brand can have.”

Harmony at Work Spots:

  • Smartest Dummy – Based in a home setting, Gelman appears as a virtual ventriloquist; his puppet suggests using a Canon MegaTank printer and Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility software to make life easier at his home office. Using the EOS Webcam Utility software, you can convert a compatible Canon camera into a high-quality webcam through a simple USB connection. By using a Canon MegaTank printer, you can save over $1,000* on printing costs while achieving high productivity. Canon offers an extensive range of printers at every price level and for every customer need, providing ease of use, performance, affordability, creativity, and more.
  • Thanks Mom - Gelman is a college student whose mother signs him up for Canon’s PIXMA Print Plan to avoid running out of ink and to save on the cost of printing his assignments. Canon's PIXMA Print Plan is an ink subscription service for compatible PIXMA printers that ships ink automatically. The price depends on the plan you choose, and you decide which plan is right for you based on the number of pages you print. Customers can sign up and manage their subscriptions directly from Canon.
  • Nama-Scan - Gelman plays a yoga studio owner / instructor, whose character is emotionally invested in his yoga studio, when his accountant comes in with a shoebox of disorganised receipts. A Canon scanner that organises his finances saves the day. Canon’s imageFORMULA ‘R’ series scanners offer a range of options from an everyday scanner for managing daily affairs (R40, featured in the ad), to a hybrid photo/document scanner for personal and/or professional use (RS40), to a compact mobile scanner that can be carried for use on-the-go (R10), to a higher-end small business scanner for heavier use (R50).
  • Advanced Technology - In this spot, Gelman will be a graphic novelist using Canon’s upcoming AMLOS (Activate My Line Of Sight) system.** AMLOS is a hybrid meeting software solution being developed to utilise a single compatible Canon PTZ camera in a meeting room. It enables a user from home to see multiple angles of a room at the office based on what in-person participants focus on. The AMLOS system also allows in-person participants to perform certain actions using simple hand gestures.*** Gelman will meet with his illustrators virtually, utilising the AMLOS solution to effectively share his vision with his team and to achieve a collaboration level that is the next best thing to being in person.
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