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Bossing It: The Changing Definition of Leadership with Harriet Cauthery


Founder and visionary behind By Association on nurturing a holistic experience for clients and empowering a sense of community

Bossing It: The Changing Definition of Leadership with Harriet Cauthery

Born and bred in London, UK, Harriet Cauthery cut her teeth as a high end fashion and advertising producer while working for big industry names like Rankin, before honouring her entrepreneurial spirit and deep inner knowing that there is a new, more aligned way to produce visuals and foster creative talent. 

She set out on her own, co-founding Creative Blood, a female led agency that over the course of a decade set a new bench mark when it came to matching creators with brands, and providing a fully integrated international production service - whether that required art-buying or content creation. Repeat clients over the years have included, Clinique, Armani, Apple and Levi’s to just name a few.

And yet, her desire for a new paradigm where brands and creative talent create content and narratives that is even more aligned with integrity, inclusion and wholeheartedness sparked the inception of By Association, a US based yet global production company and passionate creative collective. This is a natural progression, combining all of Harriet’s experience and heart-centred values into a vision where humanness, transparency and intuition lead the way - one story at a time.

LBB> What differentiates you from traditional production?  

Harriet> We like to nurture a holistic experience for our clients. In order to do this, we focus on being human-centric. I believe that when people feel valued, supported and seen, their creativity flourishes. Coming from years in production service I know the importance of creating a healthy ecosystem that equally supports the client, the project and the team. When all these areas are cared for the outcome is inevitable. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t challenged by having to stay consistently nimble and adaptable, it means that we lean into deep listening, self-reflection and a human-first approach to guide us through. In fact, By Association was born from a commitment to nurture equitable spaces. How do we progress the industry by being transparent and self-reflective in our communication? How do we bring compassion and a heart-centered approach to everything we do? We are interested in consistently innovating how we collaborate.

LBB> What kind of leader do you want to be?

Harriet> This is a tough question. I think as I evolve my leadership style does too. I also think the classic definition of leadership is changing. Traditionally leaders have been considered directive, which is not my style. I believe in gentle power based on deep listening and an ability to adapt and pivot, based on what’s needed. I want to inspire my team and create infrastructure that supports them. If they don’t feel seen or heard it’s impossible to do that. I know that when I started in the industry, I needed room to grow. I needed people to believe in me and nurture my skillset. This wasn’t always readily available and led to power dynamics as I tried to discover myself and take up space in the world. For me to be an effective leader I need to be in consistent balance between trusting my intuition and responding to the needs of the team. I’m always seeking to find balance and to create a sense of belonging in the workplace. I don’t want it to ever feel like top-down power, I want it to feel like inclusion. We are a collective of passionate creatives and producers and I want to empower people’s skill sets and give them a platform to express their multi-faceted talents.  

LBB> What environment do you like to create for your company?

Harriet> I like to empower a sense of community. We work as a collective. We’re doing this because we care, and we want to do things in an empathetic, compassionate way where we bring our full selves to our creative work. We are not just working, we are collaborating and expressing and creating. Communal working means we have to excel at communication, especially as the traditional lines between professional and personal get blurred. How can we have our own emotional experiences and create boundaries that support that? Boundaries require upkeep as well as fostering an environment where people feel safe to express themselves. We work hard to create a healthy environment where each person can thrive.

LBB> What is your role as leader in the company’s evolution? 

Harriet> I am always listening to what the company wants to become instead of clinging to what has worked in the past. My life has naturally unfolded this way. I’m not afraid to try something new or explore different directions or follow my gut. I think that’s part of being innovative. I’m always responding to what is emerging and letting that guide me. I think this approach challenges a lot of old belief systems about how you should achieve. I know I was taught that success required consistent pushing and striving and planning. I’ve learned that even though hard work is a reality, for me there needs to be a balance between work and self-care. Self-care has given me the time to be self-reflective which has helped me to evolve. I know that my personal evolution is directly tied to the evolution of the company. The more I grow the more the company expands. The more I nurture communication, the more intuition I use, the stronger intentions I set, the more the company organically unfolds. 

LBB> What’s next for By Association?

Harriet> Right now, we are in the process of moving into narrative work and growing our roster of incredible directors while keeping boots on the ground in artist communities. I’m really excited about the amazing projects we’ve been working on. We are also working on deeper ways to give back to the community as I believe in the balance of giving and receiving. Each next step seems to present itself in real time. I’m practicing staying present and curious to where the energy is and how it wants to express itself.

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