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Beyond the Desk featuring Andrew Relstab
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London, UK
dentsu X US' director, analytics on communication skills, problem solving and unique perspectives

We’re back with another ‘Beyond the Desk by dentsu X,’ diving into the people, passions, and talents that make the agency so special. In this interview, we hear from Andrew Relstab, Director, Analytics, who shares his insights about his career journey and experiences at dentsu X. 

In this interview, Andrew shares his journey of professional growth within the company and the valuable insights he has gained throughout the process. Join us as we delve into Andrew's perspectives and experiences at Dentsu X. 

Q> What's a skill that you use every day that you didn't learn in school?

Andrew> I'd say it's definitely communication. Communicating well is about understanding others and effectively conveying your knowledge to them. The challenge often lies in bridging the gap between your expertise and conveying that expertise to someone without the same background or understanding. This skill is something I use daily but wasn't necessarily taught in school.

Q> Tell us about your first job and its biggest takeaways.

Andrew> My first job was as a snow cone artist in a small snow cone shack – simple yet rewarding. From that experience, I learned to deal with people, as customers often had quite an array of concerns for something as simple as a snow cone. It taught me how to de-escalate situations and keep calm. Additionally, my first role in political consultancy also taught me people skills. I was young and working alongside prominent figures, learning to navigate the field and how to carry myself in those rooms.

Q> How would you explain your job to a child?

Andrew> I'd tell a child that my job is being a problem solver. Every day, I ask questions to understand things better, ensuring everyone is on the same page. With that understanding, I can offer advice on how to best solve problems. As an analyst, I focus on asking lots of questions to help understand, and ultimately solve, issues.

Q> What's unique about your background or role that you bring to dentsu X?

Andrew> There are a few things that make me unique. I've had the privilege of working across various lines of business both within and outside the industry. From agency work, including on the creative side, to political consultancy, and roles in fields like trucking and construction analysis. This diverse experience gives me a unique perspective on how to accomplish tasks. At the end of the day, career success is about getting things done, and my diverse range of experiences informs how I interact with people, which in turn influences how my work gets done.

Q> What powers the dentsu X experience for you?

Andrew> For me, it's definitely the people. I made a significant move from Chicago to Detroit to join the advertising world here. Even in the early stages, the people at dentsu supported me throughout the journey. Many of those who were alongside me for my first dentsu role remain friends to this day. The relationships and camaraderie truly define the dentsu X experience for me.

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