Grill'd - Burger Vigilante
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Paris, France
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Since opening in 2004, Grill’d has grown from a single restaurant in Melbourne to over150 restaurants Australia-wide. In this time, Grill’d has cemented itself as the healthy, guilt-free solution to fast-food – while helping Australians to consume more consciously. In the past 12 months, Grill’d recycled over 660,000 litres of cooking oil to create biodiesel; all Grill’d packaging is made from cardboard and paper sourced from sustainable forests; and as of last week, 62 restaurants have been converted to green power. Grill’d has an Australia-first sourcing promise and works with local farmers and suppliers to keep its food distribution footprint low, and ensure all products are made with the freshest ingredients. Grill’d has always worked to create a better food industry – whether it be through our support of local communities and supply chains, or by investing in more sustainable practices."We hope this campaign will continue to drive home our mission with consumers – to lead the industry in making healthier, better burgers for ourselves and the planet." statedSimon Crowe, founder of Grill’d. “This campaign highlights our ongoing commitment to sustainable, natural and healthy practices – as well as delicious burgers.” Crowe added.


In the burger industry, there are many villains. The world needed a hero. So, we created a vigilante that was part Batman, part Beatrix Kiddo, and part burger. The campaign seeks to establish Righteous Burgers as an enduring brand idea, which inspires loads of incredible creative ideas in the future.

Grill’d is fighting evil. That evil comes in the form of a villainous clown plying children with plastic toys, a crop sprayer spreading toxic chemicals over fields and a producer
pumping cows with body-building stuff. Grill’d has become a “righteous burger vigilante”, in the form of an animated burger superhero “fighting for what is right in an industry of unsustainable, unnatural and unhealthy food practices”.

Grill’d are not pulling any punches when it comes to differentiating the chain from the competition. This is brave, provocative advertising that will trigger conversations, no question.

The new campaign was delivered to a vast chunk of Australians in its first airing – during the AFL Grand Final on Saturday, September 25. (diffusion)

Like any comedy script, the secret is timing. The biggest challenge here was probably containing ideas to 15 or 30 seconds. The deadline was tight for an entire campaign(even in 2D), but we set out to approach this as if Michael Bay was directing an animated series in Japan for Adult Swim starring a burger vigilante à la Chuck Norris in 80s-cartoon-flavored spots.