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Sina Nader, Chief Operating Officer
Nathaniel Whittemore
Sunjay Mathews
Geoff Bough

AGENCY: dentsuMB


Menno Kluin, Chief Creative Officer
Jason Stefanik, Group Creative Director
Allison Miller, Creative Director
Kelly Jenkins, Creative Director
Justin Walsh, Head of Design 
Stacy Kay, SVP, Integrated Production
Carissa Ranelycke, SVP, Integrated Production
Carly Salaman, Executive Producer
Barbara Silverstein, Senior Business Manager
DJ Gaffey, Senior Manager, Business Affairs and Talent
Libby Morris, Senior Music Producer
Laurel Flatt, President of West Region
Tanya Kesmodel, EVP, Account Management
Jamie Shuttleworth, Chief Strategy Officer

Radical Media
Steve Miller, Director
Gregg Carlesimo, Executive Producer
Carla Tate, Line Producer

Cosmo Street
Tom Scherma, Editor

Heard City 
Evan Anderson, Audio Engineer

Rodd Houston

Company 3
Jamie O’Bradovich, Colorist
dentsuMB US, 11 months ago