National Lottery - Gotta Share the Love
Post Production
Dublin, Ireland
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX

Core’s campaign for The National Lottery “Gotta Share the Love”  tells the fictional story of 'William', who wins a €7 million Lotto jackpot. He shares the win with his friends and neighbours by installing a waterpark around his apartment block, complete with a lazy river. 

Windmill Lane was tasked with transforming a dull apartment building into an exclusive residents waterpark, as well as handling the edit and grade on this popular TV spot.

We created a CG version of the original building which we match moved into the footage.  Working iteratively from sketch to previs to final, we had a little fun with the layouts of the waterslides so that they both made sense (sort of!) but also appealed to the whimsy which was integral to the creative of the spot.

We paid particular attention to colour and lighting, trying to recreate that particular look of how sunlight works with the materials used in these waterslides. 

Our approach was to utilise a few little CG multi-pass tricks and techniques that allowed us to create and control the look of our lighting as well as a few other elements interactively to get the effect of water and people moving through the slides. 

All this was done in comp rather than in CG as we knew this would be something the director and agency would want to tweak on the fly rather than going through time-heavy full CG re-renders.

Attached supporting materials include a visual breakdown, a little clip from our layout phase as we started to add people into the plates and an early concept sketch.