Special Olympics - Images for Inclusion

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Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford

Production: Victoria Pavon

Photographer Agent: Luke MIley - LMC


Chief Marketing and Development: Kelli Seely

Chairman: Tim Shriver

CEO: Mary Davids

Advertiser: Special Olympics

Creative Agency

Executive Creative Director: Joao Coutinho

Creative Agency: Y&R New York

Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims

Print Producer: Louisa Gargiulo

Creative Coordinator: Ruby Rudijono

Director of Post Production: Amy Saunders

Integrated Associate Media Director: Darshan Rangnath

Content Producer: Rebecca Canavan

Executive Director of Integrated Media: Jennifer Kohl

Global Content Director: Alex Foster

Account Managing Director: Britta Dahl

Strategy Director: John Swan

Head of Production: Greg Lotus

Creative Coordinator: Ruby Rudijono

VMLY&R North America, 4 years ago