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Advertiser: Spotify ANZ

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: The Royals

Managing Partner: Dan Beaumont

Creative Partner: Nick Cummins

Senior Creative: Juan Aguilar

Senior Creative: Lewis Farrer

Group Account Director: Ian Hartley

Snr Account Manager: Etaoin Knight

Senior Strategist: Laura McRae

Head of CX: Mikael Perhirin

Digital Project Manager: Emerald Cowell

Senior Frontend Developer: James Robinson

QA Analyst: Sarah Jackson

UX Designer: Max Lacoste

Lead UX Architect: Mark Smith

Content Writer: Dan Michael Jones

Digital Project Manager: Richard Edmunds

Data Scientist: Dr Paul Vella

Digital Designer: Carlo Spadazzi

Digital Developer: Eddie Brown-Greaves

CRM Strategist: Catherine Cullen

The Royals, 3 years ago