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Production and Sales Assistant


London, UK








Company profile

Hello there! We are a global music agency that believes in the social value of music – and how it connects people, triggers memories and simply blows your mind. From offices in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and the North Pole, we create music for the world’s leading advertising agencies, brands, media and technology companies. We also develop music strategies for brands, provide music search and licensing services, create innovative activations, scout new talent – and throw a massive party every once in a while.


As passionate music lovers, we feel privileged to list music in our LinkedIn profiles. Alongside our day jobs most of us play in bands or play around with DJing. In fact, our CFO is a drummer in a riot grrrl group, one of our Account Managers is a sassy saxophone player – and after reaching 100 million streams in Spotify our Strategy Director just embarked on a world tour. Whether it’s song sheets or spreadsheets, the perfect pitch or the perfect advertising pitch, we know music - and the business of music.


Job description

We are currently on the lookout for a Production and Sales Assistant to work at our London office. A proactive superhero to assist in the management and sourcing of music productions. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is twofold. You’ll assist with music and sound design production projects, working alongside our team of producers, music supervisors and sonic branding specialists. You’ll also help us nurture and expand our network within the advertising and broadcast media industries to ultimately create business opportunities.


Skills and requirements

You know music. You love music. You play music. Actually, let us state clearly: you ARE music. It goes without saying that you play an instrument, maybe two. When music fits the picture, you feel it in your gut. You also know when it doesn’t, why and, most importantly, you’re aware of the transcendent power of music and its ability to evoke emotions and elevate stories. You have some background in sound production and know the basics and fundamentals of audio software like ProTools, Cubase or Logic.


You really are a remarkable individual. A magnet. People are drawn to you because you are interesting. And when you’re not interesting, you are listening to other interesting people. You have quick wit, a charming persona, and you see the connection between people and possibilities.


You finished a school, preferably a higher education from a real university. Hogwarts doesn’t count. In addition to a diploma, you have that special ‘something’ that no curriculum can teach. You are clever and ingenious in your approach to people and projects. Next to being a creative individual, you know how to get things done in a fast-paced industry. Surrounded by a minefield of deadlines, you don’t lose your cool. You get it done on time, keeping it structured and classy. Like Taylor on a call with Kanye.



Full time. Actually, full time doesn’t quite grasp it. It’s that kind of full time that Dr. Dre was known for. What do you get in return? Inspiration, knowledge, spiritual fulfilment, a competitive salary, a pension and a turbo-charged career plan. Oh, and, how could we forget, a bunch of remarkable musically infused individuals to work with.


Want to join the band?

As Shania would say, boring cover letters don’t impress us much. Why not try harder with a nice little assignment accompanied by your resume?


Option 1: The easy way out

Take an existing commercial and replace the track with one found by you. Just make sure it’s a killer one. Upload both the original version and your own version on YouTube and share the (private) links with us.


Option 2: Not too tender, not too tough

Produce your own version of ‘I Need A Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler. You don’t have to do it yourself. Feel free to invite your family and friends to your studio. Be creative. And keep it short: just 30 seconds (as 60 would be more than enough to blow us away).


Option 3: Harder, better, faster, stronger

If you really really really wanna zigazig us, produce a 30-second cover of ‘Le Responsable’ by Jacques Dutronc, so that the new re-recording sounds exactly like the original. You don’t have to do it yourself, feel free to work with whoever you want. Even Jacques Dutronc himself. Well, he’s 74 so you might want to be kind and invite him for a rendezvous first. The closer you come to the original, the more impressed we are.

Regardless of which assignment (if any) you end up doing, we promise to take your application seriously. Please send your CV and assignment to onelouder@massivemusic.com with ‘Production and Sales Assistant London’ as a subject line. Closing date for applications is the 22nd June 2018.


MassiveMusic London


Production and Sales Assistant


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