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We are a paywall-free global platform for the advertising and marketing community. Half a million visitors from ad agencies, brands and maker companies use it every month to find out about the most creative news, work, people and companies from around the world. 

Our mission is to help the creative sector and the businesses in it to grow. All the tools and benefits we build into our platform and our memberships aim to help companies and individuals save precious time and spend so that they can reinvest it in what they do best - being creative.

There are three ways to interact with Little Black Book: As a Company Member (£1,500 per annum), individually as a Pro User (£99.99 per annum) and individually as a User (free) - Read the benefits and how it works for different members here

LBB is a global business that attracts paying members from over 75 different countries and an audience from every corner of the world.  Our audience and traffic increases exponentially year-on-year, more recently due to the fact LBB’s membership model allows all of our content (editorial and member-published) to remain paywall free.

We have 40+ staff working in offices in the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada and a board made up of advertising, production and post production legends. It includes Sir John Hegarty, founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and Steve Parish, founder of global production powerhouse Tag Worldwide and chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club amongst others.

When we started Little Black Book and decided it needed to go online in 2010, we believed that the fundamental business of advertising was changing. We were experiencing a dramatic shift. There were over 1,000 publications across adland - all autonomous and local - and, to keep up with the business globally, you had to be on top of them all. We created this platform with the belief that agencies, post production and production companies would all change and evolve the way they do business - ultimately believing that brands would interact with them differently. 

We foresaw that everyone in the creative, marketing and advertising world would need one place where they could see what was happening to the industry globally AND locally. We also believed that in that single place, they would need somewhere they could tell their story and be found by potential clients. Hence LBB was born.

Skipping forward to today, Little Black Book has been hailed ‘THE communications business for the communications world’. Our community and membership base is made up the world's most creative companies - from the biggest advertising agencies, in house brand marketing departments and networks to the world’s top production and post production companies.

View a full list of our valued clients and community here


Jun 2006 - Little Black Book guides to advertising hubs worldwide are printed and distributed 

Jun 2009 - LBB hosts the first ever Cannes Lions fringe beach event - LBB & Friends Beach

Jan 2011 - goes live - turning its printed guides into something fully digital and global

Oct 2011 - The LBB editorial team is established 

May 2014 - LBB launches ‘Membership with Coverage’ - content writing services for members

Jan 2018 - The Immortal Awards launches

        2021 - LBB’s editorial team doubles in size from 5 to 10 writers and dedicated Americas & EMEA editorial teams are established

May 2022 - LBB opens APAC office in Sydney

Aug 2022 - LBB announces boots on the ground in Canada 

Sep 2022 - LBB launches smartest free-to-view creative library in adland

Jan 2020 - Dec 2022 - LBB’s staff grows by 20.

Mar 2023 - LBB launches ‘Membership with Library Management’ - a managed archive service for members

Jul 2023 - LBB makes video hosting from its archive available to members free of charge

Oct 2023 - LBB launches new platform with new UX and moves the Creative Library and smart credits out of Beta testing

Nov 2023 - Pro User membership launches - a membership for individuals


Company members typically use LBB for three important areas of business growth and organisation: 

  • Content marketing & PR 
  • Digital asset management or archiving (including video hosting)
  • Marketing performance 

LBB’s big point of difference from other platforms in the creative business sector is that it offers six things that cannot be found in one place, anywhere in the world. Company members benefit from:

  • Guaranteed publishing of press releases, opinion pieces, interviews and work (digital assets)
  • Access to work with and pitch to our editorial team
  • Paywall-free and filterable news channels and digital archive (Creative Library)
  • Paywall-free creative credits on all work and news
  • Hosting video from LBB on their websites for free
  • Transparent data and insights on ALL content published on LBB including their own
  • A free-to enter global award show
  • Managed archive services and/or content writing services*


Are individuals who wish to curate an online portfolio and find new work and connections in their industry sector. 

With a Pro User account, creatives, artists, composers, producers, filmmakers and more can:

  • Upload additional projects or work to their personal profile
  • Re-order work on their personal profile and ‘highlight’ special projects at the top of the page
  • Request a one-off search, optimisation and clean up of existing work and credits on LBB
  • Show a verification badge in the Credits and People sections of LBB
  • Use our reel-building tool (‘Collections’)
  • Gain access to global insights and data on content published on Little Black Book 


Are those who wish to keep up with the world of creativity. Free users can:

  • Search the LBB news and work libraries 
  • Build research reels (‘Collections’)
  • Get work automatically connected to their profile on LBB (if credited by other members)
  • Personalise their profile photo and job title
  • Create personalised news feeds and alerts
  • Celebrate work published on LBB by ‘liking’ or ‘following’ companies and topics