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Why Domino's Is Celebrating Employee Creativity

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by lbbonline.com

CP+B campaign showcases street artists, glassblowers, painters and more

Why Domino's Is Celebrating Employee Creativity

Domino’s Pizza is revelling in its employees’ creativity in a new campaign from CP+B. The chain employs over 180,000 people worldwide and within that vast army of pizza chefs, waiting staff and delivery people lurks some real artistic ability. 

The “Labor of Love” TV spot and www.handmadebydominos.com microsite feature Domino's employees with special "handcrafted" skills/hobbies on the side.  The campaign has been created to highlight the craft that goes into creating a handmade pizza. As for the brand itself, the idea also shows them ‘giving back’ to employees by showcasing their achievements.

“With the work, we want to show that Domino's pan pizza is handmade, hand stretched and hand pressed by people who put as much care into the pizzas they make for customers, as the things they craft and create by hand elsewhere in their lives,” explains a spokesperson for CP+B.

The TV spot highlights three employees with different hobbies – glassblowing, painting, and graffiti/mural work. Meanwhile, the website features the artwork and more in depth profiles of these three as well as a few more employees with handcrafted skills.

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