Frank Siegl

Managing Director & Partner - Zauberberg Productions

Frank Siegl
Frank has produced many award-winning commercials in his career. He’s particularly proud of the most recent success winning 2 Golden Cannes Lions (one of them a
Golden Film Lion), Yellow Pencil, Gold at ADC NY, One Show in 2022 alone. These awards catapulted ZAUBERBERG on the Palm d’Or Ranking in Cannes, being the 5th most awarded company worldwide.

When it comes to his career Frank always had an eye for visual arts. Therefore it only made sense to start as Art Buyer at advertising agency Grey Worldwide in Düsseldorf near to where he grew up. Markenfilm in Hamburg was where Frank started climbing the ladder in the commercial film industry. He founded Markenfilm Berlin as a new creative hot spot in Berlin in the year 2000. From there he went to co-own Shape Minds where he expanded into the post-production, gaming and 3D Animation side of film making.

As managing director at Bigfish Film he met Andrea Roman-Perse. From there it became clear that next step was to found their own, new production company – ZAUBERBERG PRODUCTIONS: A treasure box filled with the most highly-awarded national and international directors working around the world today, surrounded by a group of experienced and fun producers.

Frank is always interested in emerging new talent - especially German Talent. Fun fact: All of ZAUBERBERG’s awards in 2022 have been won with German Directors. Eat. This.

He uses the same pen since 15 years that says a lot about him. He’s one of the rare people who are successful a n d have a life. A dedicated family man and great friend.