Harjot Singh

Global Chief Strategy Officer - McCann

Harjot Singh

An award-winning global strategist Harjot is most drawn to people shaped by their interest in constant discovery, learning, and open mindedness. He loves this business because he believes brands and creativity have the most power to change the world.

Harjot’s passion to excel at a creatively and commercially actionable understanding of people, brands and culture has led him on a global career path spanning six countries and three continents. 

Colleagues and clients consistently credit him with bringing clarity and inspiration from the complex, putting human needs at the heart of any marketing response and delivering measurable impact. Harjot has judged, chaired, advised, spoken and won awards at the most notable and influential industry award shows.

Harjot joined Mccann New York in 2011. Prior to being named Global CSO of Mccann in January 2021 he served as CSO, Mccann Worldgroup EMEA leading it to be the Number 1, most creatively effective agency network; for 5 years.