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Getting Featured on Little Black Book

Q> How can I get my company’s news and work featured on Little Black Book?

A> If you’d like to guarantee your news and work is featured on Little Black Book, you’ll need to set up a LBB membership.


Q> How do I get a Little Black Book membership for my company?

A>  Click here to sign up for a company membership. You can choose between Bronze (£500), Silver (£1000) or Gold (£1,500). Once you’ve paid for your membership, you will be able to customise your company page and begin using Little Black Book’s membership features.

Q> Do you feature work from non-members?

A> The editorial team is selective of news they feature from non-members. If the work is of excellent standard, if it's a big news story, or otherwise fits our editorial remit, they will take it into consideration. 

Managing Your Page

Q> How do I manage my Little Black Book company page?

A> One you’ve logged in to your personal profile, click My Book and then Business. You’ll see your company listed below.


Q> Can I manage multiple company memberships?

A> Yes, you can manage multiple company memberships from a single account, each with their own news feed, archive and job board.


Q> I want to update the information on my Little Black Book page. How do I do that?

A> Go to My Book > Business > Profile > Edit Profile.  From here you can select a logo, add an ‘About’ description, include an address and contact details etc.


Q> I need to add new admins to manage the page. How can I do that?

A> Get in touch with if you’d like to add any more admins to the page. You can have as many as you like, and the admins can edit the page, submit news, upload work and be in touch with the LBB team.

Submitting News

Q> How do I submit a news story?

A> If you are a Silver or Gold LBB member, you just need to email your news to, and they'll publish it on your page. Please include ‘SILVER’ or ‘GOLD’ in the subject line to alert the team.

If you are a Bronze member: From My Book, go to the Business tab and scroll down to ‘Post New Article’ and fill in the submission form. You can copy and paste a press release into the full story box, embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo as well as upload a piece of work to appear alongside the story. This work will automatically appear in your archive, as well as in the news story. Click here to view our user guide on uploading a news story.


Q> What should be included in a news story?

A> If you don’t have a press release, a story should at the very least have some basic info about the work, some insight into its creation / production and potentially a quote. At a minimum, a news story should be 200 words. This isn’t a Facebook post!

Q> Can I upload multiple pieces of work into a single news story?

A> To upload multiple works in a news story, upload a news article as you usually would. Select the 'Add Work' tab at the top of the pop-up, then click the blue 'Add Work' button. Upload the file, fill in the details, and click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the form. The blue 'Add Work' button will reappear, and you can repeat the steps to add more files. Once you've uploaded all the files, go back to the 'News' tab and click 'Save Changes'.


Q> I’ve submitted a news story, but I can’t see it on the front page?

A> Once you’ve submitted a news story, it goes to the editorial team for approval. This process shouldn’t take too long, but keep in mind that the majority of the editorial team works on UK (GMT) time.


Q> A news story I’ve submitted is published, but there have been a few changes?

A> The editorial team might make a few changes to your news post to fit the format or style of the publication. This can include changing the headline to make it more ‘clickable’, fixing spelling or grammatical errors or adding more pictures / videos to help improve the story.


Q> Once the story has been approved, where does it appear?

A> The story will appear both in your company news tab, the front page of Little Black Book and in the News tab.


Q> Will my news story be shared on LBB’s social channels?

A> Once a story has been published, it will be shared on Little Black Book’s Twitter account. Due to Facebook’s algorithms, we need to be more selective on what we post to the Little Black Book Facebook page.


Q> I’ve got some older news stories I’d like to publish on my page. Is there a way to backdate the articles?

A> Currently, there is no way to backdate a news story. If you’d like to discuss getting older news on your page, please contact


Q> Where can I see trending news?

A> You can view the current trending news on the right hand side here.


Uploading Work

Q> How do I upload work to the archive?

A> From My Book, select ‘+ Add Work’. Select or drag the file into the dotted box, then fill in the details. Here's our user guide on uploading work.


Q> A video I’ve uploaded to the archive isn’t appearing. What’s gone wrong?

A> Before you upload a video file, make sure that there are no unrecognised characters (e.g., £-#@) in the file’s name. You can change a file’s name by right clicking it, going to properties and renaming the file. If the film is still not uploading, please contact

Q> Can I change the thumbnail for a video that I’ve uploaded?

A> While uploading work to the archive, you can select a thumbnail before saving the upload. However, you cannot retroactively change the thumbnail for work that is already uploaded.


Q> What’s the recommended file size for work uploads?

A> Our recommended file size is 50mb for a video. You can upload larger files, but it depends on your own internet connection.


Q> How do I upload print / audio work to the archive?

A> In the Add Work pop up, you can select Video, Print or Audio from the drop down labelled ‘Upload Work’, just above the file select.


Q> I can’t seem to upload any more work to my archive?

A> You’ve potentially reached your archive limit for your subscription. The limits are 50 spots for Bronze, 150 spots for Silver and Unlimited for Gold. If you’d like to expand your archive, you can upgrade here.


Little Black Book Newsletters

Q> How can I get my company featured on a Little Black Book Newsletter?

A> Little Black Book has four newsletters a week. The newsletters feature a mix of editorial content and the best work of the week (or month for our monthly regional newsletters). The best way to increase your chances of getting featured is to keep your page up to date with your latest work, so that the editorial team will see it.


Q> How can I sign up for the newsletter?

A> You can sign up to receive our newsletters here, or email



Q> How do I set up a collection?

A> Every news story and piece of work on Little Black Book features a Plus (+) sign. Clicking this will bring up the option to ‘Create a New Collection’ or ‘Add’ to a current one. You can view our tutorial on Collections here.


Q> Where can I view my collections?

A> In My Book, select the Collections tab. Here you’ll see all current collections you have built, and can also edit them.


Q> What is the reach of Little Black Book?

A> Little Black Book currently receives around 300,000 unique users a month from over 100 countries. Client/brand makes up 35% of our readers, with the rest a mix of creative, production, post etc.